VIDEO: Scenic Autumn drive in Canada

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Having not traveled in nearly two months, having an opportunity go take a scenic autumn drive from our temporary base in Kingston, Ontario to Toronto (Brampton) was surprisingly exhilarating. One of the things I’ve missed the most about not living in Canada over the years has been the gorgeous fall months of October and November when leaves turn from green to a red, yellow and orange and the weather goes from hot to comfortably cool.

Along the way we stopped at ‘The Big Apple‘ where we couldn’t help but notice the sign displaying the store had sold millions of pies over the years along with the enormous smiling apple beckoning us to visit for the first time. We ended up grabbing an apple pie and a pumpkin pie as token contributions for the Thanksgiving feast we’d be having at Audrey’s family home in Brampton.

It may sound weird to some but I often enjoy the journey getting somewhere just as much as much as I do arriving. The three hour drive was an absolute joy and a remind to us both that we’re going to need to put a bit more effort to get out and travel on the weekends even though we’re extremely busy with our studies these days.

Video Script:

It is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and we are are driving from Kingston to Brampton. Right now we’re stopped off at ‘The Big Apple’ and we’re going to show you what that looks like in a second and we’re going to be picking up some apple pie and hopefully pumpkin pie.

So today is all about the road trip. We want to show you the gorgeous colors of fall.

You better watch out for those Wascally Wabbits.

So we have our apple chips for a little snack and our pies to take home. We’ve got pumpkin pie and we have I think it is an apple maple pie. That looks amazing. Oh man, that is going to be awesome.

I think we’re ready to go home. We’re going to just show you the ride and show you the fall colours.

Scenic autumn drive in Canada

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