VIDEO: Scenic Hike Along The Wild Coast

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While traveling in South Africa the pace of our trip has been unusually hectic. With such as short amount of time (3 weeks) to cover a large amount of territory we’ve often only been spending a night or two in each place we visit. To help slow down the pace a little bit we visited the Wild Coast – specifically Lubanzi. With nothing but rolling hills, coastal views and a laid back pace of life we had ample time to relax and recover. This video shows our hike around the rural areas including visiting ‘The Hole In The Wall’ and a home of a local.

Video Script:

Okay, so we are continuing our trip across South Africa. Right now we’ve arrived in the Wild Coast and we’re staying at a cool hostel called The Wild Lubanzi which is just off in the distance over there. And apparently there is a really cool hike we can do from here, so we’re heading to a place called Hole In The Wall. It should take us about an hour and a half, so let’s get going.

So we’ve climbed the top of the hill and this is probably the best vantage point we’ve had all day.

So we’ve arrived at the Hole In The Wall and as the name suggests it is just a hole right in front of the surface.

So we’ve been befriended by a local who has offered to show us around. So far he has taken us to the Hole In The Wall which was amazing. And now apparently we’re off to visit his house. So we’re just following him.

So our little guided tour through the villages is now over and we’re trying to find our way back. We have a general idea of where we need to go, so let’s hope we get back in time for lunch.

Sleep kitties. Sleepy kitties. Sleepy kitties. Open your eyes.

Scenic hike along the Wild Coast, South Africa

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