Seoul Tower Cable Car

In this travel video we treat ourselves to a cable car ride from Seoul Tower down to the base of Namsan mountain after a long climb up the mountain earlier on in the day.  If faced with the decision of choosing between a ride up or a ride down the cable car, I highly suggest hiking first and taking the ride back down.  Return trips are possible as well for those not welling to leg it, but what a shame if you don’t give it a try!

Along the way we are treated to gorgeous fall colors on a lovely afternoon with crisp saturated leaves falling from the trees; it’s no wonder fall is my favorite time of year.  The scenic trip lasted only a short time but it will be remembered for a long time.  It’s a great opportunity to pull out your camera and/or camcorder to capture footage that would otherwise be inaccessible during a hike.

From a travel photography perspective, try to be one of the first people on the cable car so that you’re able to get close to the window.  Nothing is worse than being in the middle where you have to uncomfortably wield your camera above your head just to get a lousy shot.

When is the best time to visit Namsan?  Definitely during spring or fall when the weather is temperate.

We highly recommend it on the way down – especially if you’ve taken the time to climb the mountain on the way up. At the base of the mountain you can see long crowds waiting to get on the cable car going up to Seoul Tower.

Seoul Tower Cable Car

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