VIDEO: Shopping at a Korean Supermarket

In this travel video we visit a Korean Supermarket E-Mart 이마트 to go on a much needed shopping excursion as part of our life in Korea series. This particular E-Mart is located in Audrey’s area of Dongbaek, Yongin; however, one can find these kind of Korean department stores all over the country.  In this video we show you some very random clips: cheese that was locked up, snails sold for pets, mountaineering and hiking equipment, baseball caps, rice cookers, spam & Sam randomly sampling Korean food several times.  Aside from selling local delicacies one can find all kinds of foreign and imported types of foods and goods.  One of our personal favorites is the cherry coated New York style cheesecake that is found in the frozen food section.  Koreans are really sensitive to high quality service and it is reflected throughout the many sample stalls found throughout the supermarket.  One could literally almost have an entire meal just by hitting up all of the stalls to sample what is on offer.  In fact, I once knew of a foreign teacher who was broke doing just that.  Aside from those gaming the department store, once can find many other staff members who are readily available to help you find just what you’re looking for. Korean department stores such as E-Mart are popular for shopping and can get very crowded at times.  If you want to have the store to yourself I recommend coming on Sunday morning when many people are recovering from a night out or are attending a local church.  This is quite a silly video; hopefully you’ll appreciate our quirky humor and strange scenes which are plentiful.

Shopping at a Korean supermarket


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