Finnish Supermarket #VisitFinland

One of my favorite things to do in a new country is to explore local markets and grocery stores and in our latest travel video from Finland we’re on a quest to buy some local Finnish foods and goods as presents at a Finnish grocery store in the town of Dalsbruk, Finland (Taalintehdas, Finland).

Video Script:

We’re going to give you a little tour of a Finnish supermarket and we’ll see what strange food items we can find.
So smoked salmon is very popular food over here. You eat it with Rye bread. That’s something we had almost everyday.

We’re also buying some Salmiakki, which is black salty licorice. I detested the taste of it but Sam really like it and apparently so does his Dad, so this is for him. This is a present for my Dad. For George.

So in Finland there are many different kinds of alcoholic beers and beverages to choose from that you even have licorice flavored Salmiakki beer.

So chocolate is extremely popular in Finland and there is no brand more famous than Karl Fazer.

Black rye bread is always a really popular. We’ve been eating this daily with butter and cheese and smoked salmon on top.

Canada represent. We’ve got some Maple Syrup. And of course the lumberjack.

Shopping at a Finnish Grocery Store

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