Silly Gangnam Style Dancing

In this travel video we visit Pyeongtaek University and notice a group of Koreans dancing to Gangnam Style by Psy.  This song has literally taken the nation by storm (including the rest of the world) and you cannot escape it even if you try.  Whether it’s Gangnam style being blasted from a store promotion to a cell phone, it’s the most popular song in Korea by a country mile.  The specific song Gangnam style has become an overnight internet sensation launching Psy’s career as a bona fide International star.  Although he’s been a very popular star in Korea for nearly a decade this is his first international hit.  I can’t remember exactly but the video had close to 30,000 hits within just the first few weeks on YouTube.  Although I could be wrong,  I think it may be the first Korean hit single that has done really well in America and Canada.  Audrey has mentioned her sisters hearing it on the radio in Toronto!

In this video we have footage of Koreans dancing to Gangnam style and also include us doing our own interpretation wearing our nerd glasses.  Although this is probably the worst dancing known to mankind (at least our interpretation) it sure was fun to take part in the event.  Overall, the entire experience was a lot of fun for a random Sunday morning walk.  Sometimes its those random moments that make travel or living overseas something truly special.  We’ll never forget it as long as we live and even though we may eventually ditch the nerd glasses, I’m sure we’ll look back someday and laugh even harder.

Silly dancing to Gangnam Style


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