VIDEO: Sleeping overnight at Kuala Lumpur Airport

This is a humorous travel video of us sleeping overnight on the hard tile floor of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA (aka as Low Cost Carrier Terminal) with our clothes on and our travel backpacks secured as our pillows.

As far as low cost carrier terminals are concerned, this airport is certainly a transportation HUB that services many happy customers. What this airport is not is a cozy, clean or particularly comfortable place to spend the night.

It’s certainly not what Audrey had envisioned when I told her we’d be sleeping at the airport.

She had thought there would be comfy sofas and chairs but instead we roughed it by sleeping on the ground.

The cold hard ground. I’ve slept overnight at many airports over the years including LCCT, Taipei International Airport and Incheon Airport.

However, on this particular occasion I questioned my sanity. Why am I doing this? I’ve saved hard teaching English overseas for an entire year in tandem with earning money from my travel sites.

Do I really need to be doing this?

In the future, I don’t plan on roughing it like I did as a wide-eyed early 20 something backpacker. As you age you become more mature and discerning with your tastes.

What was acceptable as a young adult isn’t necessarily going to cut it in your early 30’s.

In the past I’ve put up with uncomfortable sleeps at airports, rooms without ac and hot water, bedbugs and grimy bathrooms.

Enough is enough! LOL

I’m not suggesting I’m never going to sleep in an airport again; however, in a situation like this (where cheap hotels are near and readily available) I won’t be doing this again.

I had fun teasing Audrey about the entire situation pretending to be totally okay with our circumstances, but deep down I was aching (quite literally) 😉

How about you? Are you willing to sleep at an airport, train and/or bus station? What is your comfort zone limit?

Sleeping overnight on the floor of Kuala Lumpur Airport travel video

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