Snowy Winter in Korea

In this travel video we show you what a typical winter day in Korea. We start off by showing you all of the different layers Audrey put on to stay warm including a double pair of thick socks, leggings, ankle warmers, winter boots, gloves, mittens, hat, fleece and winter jacket.  Compared to me she gets much colder than I do.  In fact, I’ve come to conclusion I’m part Eskimo 😛  Although she doesn’t enjoy cold weather, I was able to convince her to come outside to play in the snow.

Not many foreigners realize just how cold Korea gets in the winter.  The harsh brutal subzero temperatures are bone chilling at times and I’ve known many other foreign English teachers who have had to upgrade their wardrobe because they underestimated winters in Korea.  Luckily, coming from Canada (as opposed to say, Australia) I’m already used to all of this and I have more winter clothes than I do summer attire.  If I had to choose between impossibly hot or terribly cold, I’d rather bundle up than sweat profusely in the sun.

These days the temperatures are well below zero and it has been snowing on and off for several days. When go outside we venture off first into my parking lot where it’s as icy as a skating rink. We then go down to the rice fields and farmland that are completed covered in snow – Anseong / Pyeongtaek.  I catch Audrey off-guard by throwing snow in the air that lands on her while she is filming. Overall, we’re both trying to embrace winter as much as possible even though it’s often too cold for our liking.

Winter in Korea


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