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Once again we bring you another taste test from a different country! As per usual, we raided a local grocery store in Wilderness, South Africa to try as many South African snacks as we possibly could. In total we tried 21 different items ranging from chocolate bars to soda pop.

1) Nik Naks – Maize cheese snacks
2) Chocolate Log – Chocolate, Marshmallow and Wafer bar
3) Now Chocolate Bar – Similar to a Mars Bar
4) Black Cat Bar – Peanut snack bar
5) Whippy bar from Beacon – Strawberry marshmallow bar
6) Wonder Bar – Mint chocolate bar
7) Diddle Daddle by Jumping Jack – Caramel popcorn
8) TV Bar – coconut, crunchy rice puffs, smooth white chocolate
9) Niki cluster coconut bar – similar to a Bounty Bar
10) Nike coconut chocolate bar – similar to Ritter sport coconut
11) Eet Sum Mor biscuits – mini short bread cookies
12) Simba potato chips – smoked beef flavor
13) Iron Brew – Soda pop
14) Forest fruit and nut chocolate bar from Beacon
15) Biltong (Kudu) – South African jerky
16) Cadbury cookie gummy crunch chocolate bar
17) Ginger Beer flavored mints
18) Peri Peri peanuts
19) Romany Creams classic choc
20) Sparberry soft drink by Spar Letta
21) Stoney Ginger Beer

Video Script:

Well Hello from South Africa. We just finished raiding a supermarket where we picked up as many South African snacks as we could. We grabbed chips, chocolate bars, soda drinks and we’re going to try them all for you. So this is our South African taste test.

So over here I’ve got myself Nik Naks. It’s a maize snack and I think the packaging looks great. Have a look in the bag. Those kind of look like cheesies. They look like cheese puffs and they taste like cheese puffs. It’s very airy and crunchy. It’s a nice light snack. Good snack for the road. I’m giving it the thumbs up. Road tripping snack.

I’m trying here the Chocolate Log. And I have a feeling, oh yeah, it is a marshmallow on a crispy wafer. I wonder if it is going to taste a bit like a wagon wheel or a krembo. Show us the bar. What does it look like? Yeah, we’ve got the crunchy part on the bottom and we’ve got the marshmallow in the middle. That is a really really good bar. Mmm. Yum.

So this one looks interesting. It is really similar to the Mars bars that we have in North America. Even the packaging and the color on the packaging is quite similar. But this is called Now. Eat it now! Now! Chocolate now! I wonder if it will be a similar filling. It looks similar too. It’s got caramel and how do you call it, nougat? Chocolate. Yeah, you know what, this to me tastes just like a Mars Bar. Just different name, that is all it is. Yeah, good stuff.

Being the cat lover that I am when we were divvying up the snacks we kind of had an almost like a draft. Like a lottery. I chose the Black Cat bar. So it is a peanut snack packed with peanut power apparently. Let’s try that out. It looks like it has got some kind of like a toffee or a something sticky and sweet keeping it together. Oh gosh, I’m going to break my tooth. It is super crunchy. Yeah, really really sweet. And it is kind of like, I don’t know, like a honey or a caramel that is hardened. Really crunchy, packed with peanuts, pretty much delicious.

Okay, I’m not sure what this one is called but I think Beacon is the brand and Whippy is the name. And it says mmm Mallows. I think it is supposed to be like marshmallows or something. Mallows. Mallows. Soft strawberry flavored mallow smothered in chocolate and coconut. We call it marshmallow back in Canada but we’ll go with mallows. Let’s see. Lekker. So it is like a pink and white marshmallow inside. Nice and spongy. It doesn’t really have a strong strawberry flavor which is what I was expecting because of the pink packaging. It is just like a sweet fluffy marshmallow inside. It’s good. I like it.

Wonder Bar. And if I remember correctly we have something by the same name in Canada but I’m not entirely sure. There is definitely a wonder something kind of chocolate bar. But this appears to be totally different. I have a feeling this is mint chocolate. It is mint flavored apparently. And it appears to be really small. Some kind of an ant on me.

Okay. So let’s try that. Can you see the green. Yeah, kind of. Oh, Wow. That is a really unique mint chocolate bar. It’s like nothing I’ve really had before. It’s got a crunchiness to it. Almost like a cookie flavor. Wow. The mint is really hitting me strong. The first time you have a bite you don’t really taste it that much. But as you’re chewing it, a really strong mint flavor. It is kind of like an after eight? Stronger mint flavor than that. I like it even more.

Next up, we have something called Diddle Daddle by Jumping Jack. Diddle Daddles. That sounds like something like a taddle. Tiddle taddle. Don’t diddle daddle. Okay, so it looks like caramelized popcorn.

So it is sweet popcorn. I think you would call this kettle corn in Canada, right? Yeah, I think. Sweet kettle corn. Sweet popcorn. Caramelized. It doesn’t have a buttery flavor. It is just strictly caramel. Perfect for watching a movie, huh? Diddle Daddle. Don’t diddle daddle. Or do diddle daddle.

So I’ve got a TV bar. Shall I assume you’re supposed to eat this while watching TV. Who knows? So, as it says here, tropical coconut, crunchy rice puffs and smooth white chocolate. Sounds pretty good to me. Let’s see the white chocolate coating here.

Okay, you know what? That’s kind of like something in between a granola bar and a chocolate bar. Would you say it is healthy? No, it’s got a lot of sugar for sure. It’s good though. You can definitely taste that coconut.

Now I’m moving on to the Niki cluster coconut clustered coated in smooth milk chocolate. Okay. Let’s see what this is all about. I wonder if it is going to taste like a Bounty Bar. The one we have back home. Okay, so it is coated in chocolate.

Oh, it is quite chocolate-y inside. I’m going to zoom in on that. It does taste a bit like coconut but I was expecting like white shredded coconut in the middle. And it is more like coconut that has been coated in chocolate. It’s nice.

Mmmm. I’ve been saving this one for near the end. I love coconut chocolate bars. They’re some of my favorite. And I really like Bounty Bars and I really like Ritter Sport coconut flavor from Germany, so lets see if this Niki bar lives up to that.

Oh yeah, it’s amazing. Wow! Look at all of that coconut goodness in the middle here. That is amazing. That deserves another big bite even though I’m already full. Mmmm. Delicious!

Okay, so next we have mini Eet Sum Mor biscuits. Eat some more of that!

Come on, eat some more.

I’m expecting something like short bread cookies. Oh, they’re quite small. Show us one. I’ll just pop one in my mouth.

These are what they look like. They’re tiny. Little squares. Woah! We have birds.

Sam, it’s like a miniature short bread cookie not overly sweet. It would go nice with a cup of tea.

Are you going to eat some more? No, I’m going to move on to my next snack. Are you sure?

Okay, I’m having a Lion King moment over here. These are Simba chips. Simba! What flavor? Smoked beef flavored potato chips that roars with flavour. Simba.

Okay. Yeah, it is like a beef flavored chip. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything like this before. It tastes like meat. In chip form.

Okay, now the funny story about this one here. It’s called Iron Brew is that they have something in Scotland that is called the same thing. But it is spelled in Scotland Irn. So we called it Urn Bru. We totally messed up. It is supposed to be called Iron Bru. Here it is spelled with a vowel, with an O so no mistakes this time. Iron Brew. This is the first time to try this. I have no idea what it tastes like. I don’t think it is going to taste like the one from Scotland because that is an orange color.

It is definitely different. Wow! I don’t even really know how to describe it. It has a different cola flavor than anything I’ve ever tried before. What does it say on the bottle? What is the description? Well, it says South Africa’s favorite. Um, I’ll have to look to the ingredients here. Carbonated water, sugar, caramel flavor, citric acid. Yeah, it’s got, it does have a bit of a caramel flavor. It’s um, it’s unique. That’s all I can say.

Another chocolate bar up ahead. This one is Beacon. Forest fruit and nut chocolate. Forest fruit, wow. It kind of reminds me of the Cadbury bars you’d get back home. The fruit and nut bars, yeah. I wonder if it is going to be similar. I think so. Dun, dah, dah, dun.

It’s hard chocolate. Yeah, nutty. Fruity? Yeah, it’s milk chocolate with fruits, nuts. A very familiar flavor. Nothing out of the ordinary. It’s good.

Alright, we’ve done a whole other video dedicated to Biltong but this here is a kind we didn’t try. Hello, Kika. She wants some snacks. You came just at the right time. You wanted the meat snacks. So this is Kudu. It is a kind of game flavor. Game meat. So let’s open that up. A bite for me. That’s really good meat. A bite for Kika. She’s eating it off of my leg. Here, one more bite for Kika. Come on Kika. Yum, yum. That’s really good. It does have that game-y kind of flavor. And it is really rich. Really high quality and you can tell there is not a lot of fat in this.

So, I know we can get Cadbury all around the world but this flavor I have never seen before. What is it? Show us. We have marvelous creations and this is cookie gummy crunch. Very colorful packaging. We’ve got a party going on over there. Oh, yeah. Let’s open this monster chocolate bar. It’s huge, it must be like well over 100 grams. Maybe 200. Here, so I’m going to break a piece in half. Oh, you can see some of the cookie pieces. Okay, hold it still. Oh, you can, wow. Let’s see. Yeah, so it’s got cookie chunks and some blue crumbly stuff. Crunchy stuff. I couldn’t tell you what candy the blue stuff is. It is just crunchy, hard candy. But the chocolate is good. The milk chocolate is good quality.

Okay, I’m really excited about this product. I think it is like Ginger Beer flavored mints. And that seems like a very niche king of unique product. I can’t wait to try it.

Yep, those are mints. I don’t think you’re going to like these. I’m still finishing my jerky. Alright, ready to try these. Wow! These are strong. I’m loving this. I love strong ginger beer flavor but I have a feeling that unless you’ve grown up drinking ginger beer 95% of people who haven’t probably wouldn’t like this. This is delicious to me but this is not something that I would bring home for as a gift for friends and family. Let’s say that.

Next up, we have the nut basket. Tasty South African snacks and this one is roasted giant peanuts Peri Peri. And apparently peri peri is just a spice. Like a mix of different spices.

I think it is supposed to be quite spicy. Hot. Let’s see abot that. So this is what they look like.

It’s not overly spicy yet. I’m waiting for the burn to kick in. Feel the burn? I mean, it’s spicy. It’s got some flavor but it is not overly spicy that you’re like having to chug a glass of milk. Yeah, Peri Peri peanuts.

So, another thing we picked up in the supermarket: Romany Creams. Classic choc. And it says are you South Africa’s biggest bakers fan? Let’s find out if I am.

Oh, I like that easy tear away. Nice. Use those big muscles of yours. Muscles. Okay, they are just loose. They’re biscuits. So, chocolate biscuit with chocolate filing.

It’s a nice crunchy cookie. It would be really nice for dunking in your coffee or your tea. Yeah, chocolate.

Okay, so next I’m trying something called Sparberry soft drink. Spar letta, I’m not sure if that is the brand. I’m going to assume so since the supermarket was called Spar. So Sparberry drink here we go.

Oh, it is pink. Splashed it on my finger. I just poured it all over myself. I’m going to say cherry. I think it is cherry flavoured.

I think it is strawberry flavored. Yeah, look. It says. Oh, no it doesn’t. It could be either cherry or strawberry. I’m not sure. My puppy friend is here. Kika.

Kika is here. Come Kika. Let her say hello now that I’m filming. Come. This is Kika. Kika lives here in Wilderness. And she is a cute puppy and she has been sleeping on my lap and being very very sweet these past few days.

Haven’t you?

Are you cute Kika?

Are you cute?


Maybe she wants some snacks. Maybe. You arrived just at the right time. Didn’t you?

Alright, I’ve been saving this for the end because I’m thirsty after trying all that chocolate and savory snacks. This is Stoney Ginger Beer. I love ginger beer. The best ginger beer I have ever had has been in Australia. It’s a lot stronger than the stuff you can get in Canada. So let’s so how this Stoney stuff compares.

Wow, that is pretty strong. Yeah, that is some of the best ginger beer I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to finish that off. So, ciao from South Africa. This is Sam, Audrey and Kika signing off from Wilderness.

Hi, pup.

Say, bye.

So we’re closing off with Biltong in my hand and Kika. Come on Kika. Come, on, come get some. Come on. Come here. Here you go.

South African Food Taste Test


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