Spicy Korean Chicken Stew

This is a travel video of us eating spicy Korean braised chicken stew (dakdoritang – 닭도리탕) at a local small eatery in Jinsari, Anseong, South Korea.  This is the type of sit down Korean meal that is perfect for a large gathering on a cold evening.  I honestly can’t think of a more hearty meal with thick sauce, potatoes and chicken being the main ingredients in this dish.

For our last dinner together in Pyeongtaek we decided to try an entirely new dish at our favourite Korean restaurant instead of going with the familiar favorites. All year, we’ve been satisfied with our usual dolsot bibimbap and sundubu jigae selections; however, we’ve both known in the back of our minds that we had been putting off trying the restaurant’s signature dish. Finally, we tried the spicy Korean Stew (Dakbokkeumtang – 닭볶음탕).  It didn’t disappoint as the serving size was massive.  We could have easily had a couple of friends over to help polish it off; however, being the gluttons that we are at times, we took care of it ourselves – to the very last drop.

In fact, we absolutely loved it so much that Audrey who proclaimed: “This is the best thing we’ve ate in Korea.”

The spicy Korean stew has generous amounts of chicken, potato, onion and other ingredients in a thick red sauce.  The chicken is so tender it falls right off of the bone and melts in your mouth.  We highly recommend it to anyone who visits Korea.  It’s not the cheapest of dishes though.  The small size cost 19,000 W which is roughly $17-18 USD these days.

Sometimes it’s those hidden gems that you discover just a little too late.  We are both kicking ourselves that we didn’t try this dish earlier given that was our favorite Korean meal.  I guess that’s the lesson learned – be as opened minded as possible because you never know what you’re missing out on unless you try.  I suppose we’re both happy to have tried this dish together at least once.

Spicy Korean Stew


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