VIDEO: Sports along the Han River, Seoul, Korea

In this travel video, Sam and Audrey spend the afternoon biking and inline skating along the Han River (한강). The Han flows across the city of Seoul, and is a popular place on weekends. You will notice people flying kites, families having picnics, couples renting swan boats to paddle downstream, and friends pitching up tents for the day.  On this particular afternoon we decided to enjoy some adventure recreational activities by doing a combination of bicycling and rollerblading.

The weather was literally perfect as the heat and humidity of a typical day in the summer was replaced by the cool breeze associated with Autumn.  We spent a considerable amount of time trying to cover as much of the Han River as possible.  When fatigue finally set in we took a break by sitting down for a while before crossing over to a small island.  One of the joys of living in Seoul has been the recent development of parks and recreational facilities spread throughout the city.  Just a decade ago, when I first came to Korea, options were far more limited.  Now most residential apartments have access to some kind of facility within walking distance.

For those interested in doing the same kinds of activities along the Han, there are bike rental spots located along the length of the river. The cost to hire these is 3,000 won for the first hour, and 500 won for every extra 15 minutes. There are also tandem bicycles available for a slightly higher rate.

We really enjoyed our time rollerblading and bicycling along the Han River. This is part of our Life in Korea series where we try to showcase what it is like to live in Korea as expats.

Sports along the Han River in Seoul, South Korea


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