VIDEO: Stone Pot Korean Set Meal

Today was Valentine’s Day in Korea, so instead of stuffing ourselves with copious amounts of chocolate and candies, we decided to head out and eat a delicious Korean Set Meal (Stone Pot Set Lunch 한정식 韓定食) consisting of various types of Korean meats, Korean vegetables, Korean fish and Korean soups along with a plethora of savory side dishes for lunch near Audrey’s Yongin apartment.

I had very high expectations for this meal given how much I’ve enjoyed Korean set meals in the past; although, they’re more expensive than typical budget friendly Korean types of options, they’re literally feasts fit for kings and queens. With large portions, a plethora of main and side dishes and course after course being wielded out to your table, it’s the type of meal you skip breakfast for in order to make room in your stomach for all of the food.

Our first impressions of this new restaurant was that it was clean and the servers were friendly.

After waiting for a few minutes, the first part of the meal was brought to our table. It consisted of numerous meat dishes along with a number of our favorite Korean side dishes.

After devouring the first course we were starting to feel full; surprisingly the second course was even larger the the first replacing meat dishes with mostly fish based Korean samplers.

Overall, from the two courses, our favorite Korean dishes included Korean style jeon (also known as pizza), bulgogi (marinated beef strips) and japchae (sweet potato noodles mixed with vegetables).

We devoured everything feeling pleasantly full afterwards. Overall our meal was excellent value as we paid roughly $26 USD (26,000W) for the entire feast. Although this was a much more expensive meal than normal, it still represented excellent value considering the plethora of food we feasted on for what seemed to be an eternity.

It was the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day in Korea and something we’ll certainly remember.

Feasting on a delicous Stone Pot Korean Set meal in Yongin, Korea


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