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On day three of our German road trip we packed up our belongings and headed on a 400 kilometer plus road trip from Spreewald all the way to Rügen.

We checked into an apartment built on stilts out on the water. From our window and balcony we could see numerous sailboats and yachts along with ducks swimming mere meters away from us. It was one of the more unique places we’ve ever stayed at over the many years of our travels together.

After crashing for a short nap we were off to Ralswiek to witness Störtebeker-Festspiele. This open-air medieval German theater production is focused around Klaus Störtebeker and his Victual Brothers. Considered to be the most successful open-air theatre event in all of Germany, it is packed nightly with thousands of spectators. We were fortunate enough to get a behind the scenes tour of the premises prior to the show.

We found the acting, explosions, set and fighting scenes to be quite impressive; however, we didn’t understand everything given that it was done in German. We’d highly recommend checking it out as one of the top things to do on Rügen Island.

Video Script:

Well, hello there! So today is day three of our trip around Germany. And today we are leaving behind the Spree Forest area and we are driving up to a little island called Rügen in the north. So it is going to be about a four hour drive. We’re just going to take it easy down the autobahn. And yeah, once we get there there is a cool festival we’re planning to attend and we’re also staying in a really fun apartment that apparently floats on the water. So wait for that.

We’ve just arrived in Rügen Island. We’ve checked into our apartment here that is on stilts right out on the water. I’m just chilling out relaxing and we’re getting excited and resting up a little bit before we go and partake in the festival tonight.

So it turns out that this festival we’ve been hearing about is actually more of an open air theater performance. And it is called Störtebeker Festspiele. And it takes place in Ralswiek and apparently this is one of the biggest outdoor theaters in all of Germany. It draws thousands of people every night during the summer. And yeah, we hear it is going to be great. Apparently, there is lots of sword fights and explosions and it is very dramatic. I just hope we can follow the story because it is going to be in German. So, let’s see how it goes.

Seriously, that was an impressive performance. That’s it for day three. We’ll see you tomorrow.

Störtebeker Festspiele in Rügen, Ralswiek, Germany

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