VIDEO: Street Scenes in Old Dhaka

This is a travel video of random street scenes that I encountered while visiting Old Dhaka, Bangladesh including Bangladeshi food, culture, people and rickshaws. In the video above you will notice many random events including interactions with locals, sports such as badminton, parading, labour and other events.

Heading to Bangladesh for the first time, I had very little preconceived expectations regarding what life would be like in this nation that is seldom visited by travelers or backpackers. What I didn’t realize at the time is that I would be in for the shock of my life; not in a negative way, but as one of the biggest travel surprises of my life.

My journey in Bangladesh started off as a complete disaster. My bus was late arriving by nearly 8 hours! When I was dropped at a random corner in Old Dhaka I had no idea how to reach my hotel. After finally flagging down a taxi, and arriving at my hotel at the most ungodly AM hour, I realized something was wrong with my stomach. For the next two days I was bed ridden dealing with a case of food poisoning.

When I finally regained my strength I ventured off to explore the streets of Old Dhaka. I couldn’t believe what my eyes and ears were experiencing. Never before had I witnessed a street scene quite like this.

Firstly, I hardly noticed any women, as the streets were literally dominated by men doing blue collar activities and work. One man would be hauling a massive pipe while walking down the sidewalk, another would be squatting while drinking tea, and when I turned around and faced the street I noticed a plethora of vehicles plying the road. It was complete chaos; yet, it was oddly charming.

As I continued my random wandering I couldn’t help but notice how friendly the locals were to me. Frequently, I was being stopped and requested to take photos of men who would pose with their co-workers and buddies delighted I took the time to take their photo. At times, I would have a random crowd – of all ages – following me around wherever I went. It was surreal; definitely the closest I’ll ever come to feeling like a celebrity or rock star.

At one point, I was invited to a house party where a group of children were playing games. Bobbing up and down for slices of fruit, running around and jumping for joy were just some of the activities of the hour. Given a cup of tea, I spoke with the organizer and had an opportunity to take photos and record video. It’s an experience I’ll never forget. Sometimes the most generous people in life have little to offer in terms of material possessions but process a heart that is worth its weight in gold. One of the reasons I travel is to experience connections with strangers and people I meet along the way. Forging new friendships, making new acquaintances and hearing the stories of others is what travel is all about for me.

Although my stay in Bangladesh was a brief one, I very much hope to return in the not so distant future. How about you? Would you enjoy visiting Bangladesh?

Street scenes in the bustling quarters of Old Dhaka, Bangladesh


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