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Sometimes it is shocking how quickly time passes. It seems almost like yesterday that we were staying in our Air BNB apartment nearby Mauerpark for an entire month. Coming back again, this time with Busabout, presented us with an interesting challenge. With barely 48 hours to spare we wanted to cover as many of our favorite spots we enjoyed while living here while exploring some different areas. The following is a summer travel guide for Berlin showcasing some of the top attractions, German street food and – of course – pulsating nightlife.

Video Script:

So right now we’re visiting Berlin which is our forth and final stop of our Busabout tour. This is actually one of my favorite cities in Europe so today we’re going to be running around town and showing you some of the highlights.

Berlin is a city that we are always happy to go back to and being here in the summertime was a lot of fun. We divided our time by visiting some of the main attractions by day and then enjoying some of the nightlife by night.

So here is a lesson in travel planning. One of the coolest things you can do in Berlin is come and climb the glass dome on top of the Reichstag building. In order to do so you have to make reservations online well in advance and unfortunately we procrastinated a little too long and all the slots were filled up so now we don’t get to go up the dome which is so sad. So instead we’re admiring it from a distance.

Outside of Turkey, I’d say Berlin is one of the best places to sample Turkish food! We couldn’t resist going back to our favourite doner kebab stand in Alexanderplatz for a tasty lunch.

We’re here outside of Brandenburg Gate, a pretty iconic landmark and next we’re going to visit Tiergarten.

Today the gate is seen as a symbol of freedom since it’s where people gathered to celebrate when the Berlin Wall came down.

Right now we’re visiting Tiergarten one of our favorite green spaces in the city. And it used to be the former royal hunting grounds.

We also made time to swing by Museum Island. With a total of 5 museums, this is the place to be if you’re an art lover.

Later on in the day we took the train to Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, which is the epicentre of Berlin’s cool factor. This is a borough known for it’s street art, flea markets, booming music scene, and overall it’s a great place for nightlife.

So we are now standing in front of the East Side Gallery which used to be the wall that divided West Berlin from East Berlin. And we’re just going to be walking the length of it and showing you some of the artwork.

The stretch left standing is 1.3 km in length and it displays over 100 paintings from artists all over the world. Some pieces are a little abstract but the majority have clear messages of hope and peace.

From there we continued on to Oberbaum Bridge which turns into a bit of a street party when the sun goes down. Several bands had set up along the length of the bridge and you could listen to everything from urban beats to indie rock. Who needs to pay admission at a club when you can dance on Berlin’s streets for free?

And that’s the cool thing about Berlin: when it comes to nightlife, it doesn’t matter what night of the week it is, there’s always something happening. After checking out some of the bands, we found a cool gravel lot turned pop-up bar and we enjoyed a few drinks as the sun set over the city.

What up? It’s really cool, I got to see this band play on the street and I saw them a year ago in Berlin at Mauerpark. So it’s really awesome. I just picked up their cd. They are called Rupert’s Kitchen Orchestra.

Shots and snacks. Are you getting the shots or are you getting the snacks? I’m getting the shots.

Sam just found a makeshift bar on the side of the road because that is how it is done in Berlin. Sam’s having Sambucca. Sambucca for Sam. I’m in licorice heaven right now. You’re sipping on it? Sipping? It’s a shot. Sipping on licorice heaven. I am savoring this. Okay.

And that’s a wrap for Berlin and a farewell to the Busabout crew!

Summer in Berlin

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