VIDEO: Taking a Train in Korea to Seoul

In this video we (Sam & Audrey) take the slow train from Pyeongtaek to Seoul. It was a last minute dash at the station, and we would not have made it had the train not been delayed.  Unlike trains in many other parts of the world, such as in India or Thailand, being punctual is an absolute must in Korea given that trains are rarely behind schedule or delayed for any particular reason.  As of late we’ve been taking the train into Seoul more often than not because the metro line takes nearby double the time to get there; therefore, instead of spending four hours there and back we’re able to reduce the journey to merely two hours.  I often prefer the more budget option, but in this case because of time scarcity on the weekends, I’d rather enjoy more time to explore the city.

The Mugunghwa is the slowest train in Korea’s rail network and can be used to travel around the country. It is the only train that offers standing class seats. Since we got there late, the seats were gone and we had to travel in the middle compartment until passengers got off; in case you were wondering, standing seats are much more comfortable than they likely seem.  Along the way we witnessed various kinds of scenery including rural farmland, residential apartments and crossing the Han River. Sam was so excited to arrive he sang a little song as an instrumental “Let it Be” version of the Beatles song was playing in the background.

Here you’ll get to see the interior of the train, as well as part of Seoul Station.

VIDEO: Taking a Train in Korea to Seoul

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