Video: Taking the train in Germany

When we boarded our train in Frankfurt bound for Berlin it was apparent we were no longer in Kansas (and by Kansas, I mean Thailand). Modern, clean and impeccably on time, we boarded the train at exactly 17 minutes after the hour as printed on our tickets.

Although our ticket was in Euros and not Baht, I instantly felt more relaxed. For new readers, you may not realize we derailed on our Thai train ride bound from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

For just 10 Euros more total, we decided to put on our fancy pants and upgrade our seats from regular to first class. Sitting in our private compartment with a sliding glass door we had the entire six seats all to ourselves. Leaning back and reclining in a chair I alternated between sleeping, working on my computer and peering outside the window to enjoy the scenic German countryside.

Given the level of comfort we experienced, it was almost a little shocking when our four hour train ride ended abruptly in Berlin. It might sound crazy but I almost wanted to stay on board. This was fun.

Video Script:

Having just arrived in Germany from Thailand, we were still dealing with jet lag when we arrived at the train station in Frankfurt.

Our time in Asia has officially expired. We are here in Europe and we’re starting our European adventures. Right now we’re in the Frankfurt train station taking the train all the way to Berlin. We can’t wait to get on board.

We are in a fancy little compartment here en route to Berlin. When we were booking our tickets we saw they had a special and it was only an additional ten Euros to travel in first class. We figured since it was a pretty long trip that we would splurge a little. Now we have this whole compartment to ourselves. Check it out.

Traveling by train really allowed us to see the contrast between countryside and urban centers. Some of the highlights included passing by cute little hillside towns, windmills and spotting urban graffiti.

What do you have over there? Well, I’m already enjoying my German baked goods. I found a pretzel sandwich with salami and cheese and vegetables. This is my little snack for the trip.

The last time we took a train ride was in Thailand and it was third class. We were sitting on hard metallic seats. What a difference this is. This seat I have here you can recline all the way back. It is super comfy.

I can’t get over just how quiet this train ride is. I’m used to the rattling old Indian and Thai trains. The only other train system that I’ve taken that is on par with this was the KTX in Korea.

This has easily been one of the most comfortable train rides I’ve ever been on. I can’t wait to do more train travel all around Europe.

Train travel in Germany from Frankfurt to Berlin


  • Dale says:

    I don’t know if you saw recently, Samuel, but we wrote a post on our blog about how you can ‘kinda’ hitch on the train network in Germany. In fact, we did it from Berlin to Hamburg where the price is 50EUR each and we did it for 20EUR TOTAL.

    We found out about it through some friends in Berlin, did some investigating, and saved ourselves loads.

  • Glad you enjoyed your trip.
    I’m German and I’ve travelled by train there a million times and most of the time I hated it.
    It’s so much better where I live now – in Asia, Japan. 😉
    Trains are almost always on time and people apologize a million times if the train runs late even one minute. The trains are comfortable, fast and clean.
    Nothing compared to the German train system!

    • That’s really cool to hear that! My reference point of late has been trains in India, Thailand and Vietnam where if you leave within 2 hours of your scheduled departure and the train doesn’t derail it’s considered a successful trip…LOL

      • In Japan trains are rarely delayed more than a few minutes and then it’s either because of a typhoon or an earthquake, but most commonly it’s because of a “human accident”. Unfortunately it happens quite often that people who want to commit suicide in Japan just jump in front of a train. 🙁

  • Germany has been a place that I’ve always wanted to go to, but it hasn’t worked out yet. Since I’ll be living in Spain this next year, I’m looking forward to having the chance to get there. You guys make great videos. What sort of video camera do you use?

  • I love the trains in Europe. Some of the trips we took we didn’t want to get off the train at our stop because we were enjoying the scenery and comfort so much. The overnight sleepers are a lot less comfy but probably still more so than what your use to from Thailand. You guys are going to have a blast travelling around Europe! So jealous.

  • Stef says:

    Haha great video. Especially because I am sitting in that train once a week at the moment cause I’m working on a project in Frankfurt. Everything was so familiar 😉 I love the landscape between Fulda and Göttingen.

    • That’s very cool Stef! It really is a very scenic journey. I honestly can’t think of a more comfortable 4 hour train ride I’ve ever been on. I was almost sad when it ended 😉

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