VIDEO: Thai Mango Sticky Rice

In our latest travel video we decided to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings by devouring a plate of Mango Sticky Rice (Khao Niaow Ma Muang: ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง), served with condensed coconut cream sauce at our favorite restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Although we biked over 30 minutes just to have this specific dish at this specific restaurant (Chang Chalaad) it was worth the long journey. Oh, the things one does for food 😉

This is literally our favorite Thai dessert and Chang Chalaad serves it up better than anywhere we’ve ever tried. Chang Chalaad also turns our taste-buds upside down with its heavenly Pad Thai which I’m certain has a secret sauce.

At Chang Chalaad, what makes this particular interpretation of this dish such a gormandizing delight is that the cream coconut sauce is extra thick and creamy. Normally, the sauce is runny and or too sugary; however, here they really make it thick – a definite bonus.

Every bite is pure bliss as the combination of sweet mango, sticky rice and coconut cream are like three amigos in your mouth all at once. When I asked Audrey how she felt about the dish, she proclaimed, “I would eat this over Cheesecake!” That’s certainly high praise!

The only drawback from eating this dish on a daily (or at every meal) is that it is certainly high in calories. If anything it’s the perfect excuse to gain a few extra pounds while traveling or living in Thailand; now that I’m on a diet trying to lose weight over the summer, I ought to be avoiding this like the plague, but to be perfectly honest, it’s just too darn good for me to pass up.

This wonderful dessert that we shared only cost 50 Baht ($1.70 USD) and was worth every penny…err Baht. Although, our favorite Mango Sticky Rice is at Chang Chalaad, we do recommend you try it at many of the Thai night markets in Chiang Mai; it’s also very easy to spot Thai street vendors whipping this up on Khao San Road in Bangkok.

Thai Mango Sticky Rice


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