VIDEO: Things to do in Tallinn, Estonia

After taking a ferry ride from Helsinki, Finland we arrived in Estonia where we showcase some of the top attractions and best things to do in Tallinn travel guide.

Video Script:

So today we find ourselves in Tallinn, Estonia. We took the ferry over from Helsinki and it was a two hour ride and now we’re in a completely new country. Just like that.

If ever there was just a city just to randomly wander around it is certainly Tallinn.

And now we’re in Sweden! No, just kidding. We’re still in Tallinn.

So I am loving Tallinn, Estonia. I think this is actually my fifth time in Europe but this maybe my favorite city ever. It’s just very medieval, very charming, really cute and the food. The feast that we had just now was amazing. That just put the city up to the very top.

So it is now nine o’clock. It is still daylight out but it is the end of our day. It’s time to go catch our ferry back to Helsinki, so we are saying goodbye to Tallinn and I am very sad to be leaving. I thought it was such a great city to visit.

Things to do in Tallinn, Estonia


  • Hanna says:

    I love Tallinn! When I was living in Finland a weekend trip there was a must to do few times a year. The old town is charming, there is a lot of nice hotels in affordable price and great restaurants. I want to go there again, maybe next summer!

  • What a charming city! It was never really on my list but it is now! How affordable is it? Thanks for sharing, Sam (and Audrey!).

    Happy travels šŸ™‚

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