VIDEO: Tim Tam Slam

One of favorite Australian snacks that we tried recently (as documented in our previous taste test video) was the Tim Tam. Arnott’s Tim Tam is a brand of chocolate consisting of layers of chocolate, chocolate cream filling and chocolate malted biscuits covered in a thin layer of chocolate. To say these biscuits are loaded with all kinds of chocolate-y goodness is certainly an understatement.

Having tried it only on its own a number of our fans who watched our Australian snack food video strongly encouraged us to do the Tim Tam Slam. Not knowing what they were talking about we searched online and watched a few videos demonstrating the slam process.

In a nutshell, the Tim Tam is used as a straw while drinking a preferred warm beverage of your choice. Biting off opposite corners, the Tim Tim is dunked into the beverage and sucked through the biscuit. The end result is that it begins to quickly melt creating a gooey chocolate mess that actually tastes better than eating it straight out of the box. With chocolate gunk all over our fingers we had to lick it off.

After creating the video we couldn’t stop doing the slams! One after another, we kept going until the entire package was gone 😉

If you ever have a chance to try the Tim Tam be sure to do the authentic Tim Tam slam!

Video Script:

The other day we made a video where we sampled lots of Australian snacks and one of them was the Tim Tam. I just opened the pack and ate a cookie. That is how I sampled it but then I got lots of comments from people saying you have to do a Tim Tam slam. That is what we’re going to be doing today.

First off, what exactly is a Tim Tam? It is a chocolate biscuit with a cream chocolate filling covered in chocolate.

The whole idea behind a Tim Tam slam is that you use the biscuit as a straw. You need to bite the top end and the bottom end off, stick it in the cup and slurp. That is going to melt the chocolate inside and it is going to make the cookie really nice gooey. We’re going to be doing this.

The first part of the slam is to bite off both ends of this biscuit. That is exactly what I’m going to do. I’ve got one done.

The idea is to use it like a straw with a hot beverage. I’ve got some tea here. I’ve got my Tim Tam ready. It is time to give it a try.

Mmmmm…that is good. Oh, it is melting and getting gooey. Look at that? Woah! That is delicious. It kind of reminds me of how a deep-fried chocolate bar tastes. It is kind of like what we had in Edinburgh when we had a deep-fried Mars bar. It totally melts it. Look at that. I’ve got gunk all over my hands.

I’m going to be doing mine a little bit different. I’m actually going to be biting off each of the corners instead of the entire top. I’ve seen some people do it that way, so we’ll give it a try.

One. Two.

Okay, let’s see if this works. Mmmm. It does work. Wow! Okay. Before it disappears. It worked!

That is seriously delicious. It is the best way ever to eat a Tim Tam.

The verdict on this one: we are giving it the thumbs up. It was delicious, chocolate-y goodness. We loved it. It was messy. I think we’re going to be having this again. Oh yeah. Amazing stuff.

Tim Tam Slam


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