VIDEO: Time Lapse Hongdae

In this travel video we visit one of the most popular areas in Korea for university students, young adults and indie culture seekers in Seoul, Korea known as Hongdae – 홍대앞.  This is the first neighborhood I ever visited in Seoul, when I came on an independent journey, way back in 2004 to see – whether or not – I would like to teach English in South Korea after completing my University degree.  It made quite an impression upon me then and it still does to this day.  So much has changed in the Hongdae since I first arrived.  The guest house where I met some of the first long-term backpackers I had ever encountered is no longer in operation.  Many of the stores, clubs, bars and street vendors that I used to frequent have since left; however, the spirit of the area remains the same and it’s as popular as ever.

What can you expect to find in Hongdae?  The area is full of restaurants, shops, cute cafes & vintage boutiques. It’s also a great place to view artsy mural paintings.  It’s the kind of neighborhood where you can watch indie music being performed while having a bite for lunch at the park.  If you feel a little peckish, the plethora of street food stalls that line many of the busiest streets will cover your every need.  Fancy a quiet or quirky cafe?  Two of my favorite cafes are located in Hongdae and it shouldn’t come as a surprises that both involve animals.  For those interested try visiting a cat cafe or dog cafe in the area.

In this travel video we try to capture some of the hustle and bustle by taking time lapse video from several different vantage points in Hongdae.

Time Lapse Hongdae


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