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Braving the cold, all decked out in our winter attire, we decided to head into downtown Toronto to check out the Christmas Market. The Toronto Christmas market is an annual event that attracts thousands on weekends (and even weekdays) leading up to Christmas. With plenty of festive activities and food on offer one can peruse at a leisurely place eating street food, sipping on mulled wine and/or doing some last minute Christmas shopping.

Whether you’re munching on chestnuts roasting on an open fire or just people watching there is something for everyone. We highly recommend, if you’ve got $12 to spare, gnawing on a turkey leg. It didn’t take us long to warm up and start feeling the Christmas spirit as the spiced whisky tickled our bellies and Christmas caroling delighted our souls.

If you’re in Toronto from late November up until late December be sure to check out the Toronto Christmas Market. It is one of the top things to do in Toronto during December and is certainly an attraction not to be missed.

Video Script:

This holiday season Toronto will once again celebrate the romance and magic of a traditional Christmas at Toronto Christmas Market. Inspired by the Old World and influenced by the New, this free annual event captures all of the tradition, heritage and charm of a European Christmas Market, while showcasing hundreds of unique and local handcrafted products. Family friendly entertainment includes musicians, carolers and children’s choirs.

We are in Toronto for the holidays and because it is just a few more days until Christmas, today we decided to come into the city and visit Toronto Christmas Market.

Four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.

You can’t come to a Christmas market and not get any food. I just got myself a nice Oktoberfest sausage. This looks amazing, I am so hungry I haven’t had lunch yet. Big bite. Oh it burns. It burns.

My turn.

Oh. It’s tasty.

You’ve got to eat and drink to stay warm out here. It is cold. Can you see the steam coming off of it.


You know it is good when you can’t chew. When your mouth is so full.

So if you’re really hungry and you’ve got twelve dollars to spare why not come and grab a turkey leg. They’re enormous. And there is just tonnes of people gnawing on them right now.

I got myself a nice hot cup of mulled wine and they actually offered to put whisky in it so it has got a really nice kick to it.

You’re gonna get drunk out on the street.

Mmm. It is going to keep us warm. How is it?

Oh, it smells so good. I wish we had smell-o-vision.

Mmmm, nice spices.

Smell-o-vision. Smell-o-vision.


So for anyone who has never tried mulled wine before one of the biggest differences is just the amount of spices in it. It has got a real kick to it. It’s got a lot of spice and it just goes down really nice and warm.

And coming in at 10 bucks you better believe it that I’m not going to waste so much as a drop.

For last minute shoppers you can still buy your Christmas tree. They are right behind me.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. That is a little scary Sam.

Six geese are laying, five golden rings.

For anyone interested in visiting the Christmas market next year, it is open most of December. We are here today on December 21st and it is actually the last day, so you’ll want to try and do it a bit earlier in the month. And also it is really busy on weekends, so try and come during the week so you can have more of a magical experience and really have the place to yourself.

Feeling festive at the Toronto Christmas Market


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