VIDEO: Tour of our neighborhood in Chiang Mai

This is a travel video from our neighborhood in Chiang Mai, Thailand where we give you a walking tour of our surroundings including nearby Thai Buddhist temples, Thai homes (both traditional and modern) and some friendly dogs we happened to encounter along the way.

Since we’ve arrived in Chiang Mai and settled into our cozy little apartment we haven’t taken the time to make many new videos. Recently, we both discussed how much we missed making videos; although we won’t be doing one per day, like we did on the road, you can expect a lot more travel videos from Chiang Mai over the coming weeks/months.

We though a perfect place to rekindle our passion for random exploring and shooting clips would be in our local neighborhood. With its laid back quirky charms we feel right at home even though we’ve only been here for several weeks.

One of the first things that we really noticed was the contrast between the different types of local Thai homes in the area. We could literally be walking down the street and suddenly notice a traditional Thai home built on stilts and then moments later (or just across the street) spot a luxury condo.

One of the most endearing aspects of any wander we have in our neighborhood is the friendly encounters we have with most of the dogs; although, there are a few nasty ones as well. As pet lovers, we take the time to talk, play and pet with them. We’ve both come to realize we’d love to have a home full of cats and dogs in the future, if/when we decide to settle down in one place.

One of the most interesting landmarks in the area is a Silver Buddhist temple. The Silver Temple is metallic and shiny and quite different/unique from most of the other Buddhist temples in our area.

Although we only have a short time left in Chiang Mai, before we hit the road again, we plan to make the most of it.

Tour of our neighborhood in Chiang Mai, Thailand


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