VIDEO: Traditional Khmer Apsara Dance

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In our latest travel video we attend a special traditional Khmer dance, music and folk cultural performance (Aspara Dance) at a special theater/buffet dining hall in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The ‘Aspara Dance’ is one of the most popular shows in town showcasing traditional forms of dance in what is best described as a dance-drama. The four main forms of dance include: 1) Classical Dance (lakhon luong); 2) Shadow theater (sbeik thom); 3) Masked Dance (Lakhon Khol); 4) Folk Dance (Ceremonial Fishing Dance). Prior to watching the performance we were treated to a delicious buffet feast consisting mostly of Cambodian / Asian food with a few western options as well. We got a discounted ticket from our guest house for $8 (normally it is $12) and we felt the money spent offered great value. We’d recommend this to anyone staying in Siem Reap looking to experience Cambodian culture, Cambodian dance, Cambodian music and/or Cambodian theater.

Video Script:

Today we are at an Apsara performance which includes traditional music and dance. We’ve also just finished feasting on a wonderful meal and we are going to enjoy the show.

Normally, this evening performance show and dinner is $12 USD but we got a special deal from our guest house for only $8. I would say just the food alone is well worth that. Now we get the performance to check out.

There are several parts to this performance. It includes folk music, dance and mime.

Watching a traditional Khmer Apsara Dance in Cambodia

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