VIDEO: Train Ride from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

This is a travel video where we showcases our train ride from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, Thailand on a sleeper berth 14 hour journey. This is one of the many train rides we hope to take while basing ourselves in Chiang Mai for several months.

When faced with the decision of spending less money on a bus ticket or taking a train, we often splurge a little for the comfort of a train ride; personally, I find the swerving, honking and cramped seats of a bus in Thailand a less than stellar option.

As we boarded we couldn’t help but notice the train was nearly empty; ironically, the first travel agent we visited to purchase a ticket told us it had been sold out. These kinds of dodgy operators are unfortunately far too prevalent in Chiang Mai. If you ever encounter somebody giving you advice that doesn’t seem legit we recommend visiting at least several places before making an informed decision. The lady trying to sell us a ticket informed us that ALL of the trains had sold out – aside from a lower class sitting compartment – that arrived in Bangkok at some ungodly hour in the morning. She then proceeded to try and sell us a bus ticket that would have been twice the going rate for an overnight trip. As an experienced traveler, I could see through her attempts to rip me off; however, I truly wonder how many younger backpackers, embarking upon their first trip overseas, she’s been able to fool.

The entire experience of taking an overnight train in Thailand certainly trumps taking a bus in terms of facilities and creature comforts. Being able to sit down in the dining cart people watching and listening to karaoke on movies was one of the top highlights. One particular man had an entire bottle of whiskey and a massive plate of food in front of him that he was gorging on nearly non-stop.

As we looked out the window the refreshing breeze tossed our hair to the side as rural sections of farmland gave way to urban activity.

The sleeper berth itself was very cozy with a mattress and pillow provided. We both found the rocking back and forth motion of the train conducive to a good nights sleep.

When we woke up in Bangkok we felt refreshed and excited to be visiting the city together as a couple for the first time. We’re in Bangkok for a few days to attend a big digital and travel conference in the Silom area of Bangkok. We’ll be put up at the Pullman Bangkok G Hotel for several days while attending various sessions related to travel, travel blogging and working with major brands. It’s an exciting time for us because we’re trying our best to transition from teachers in South Korea to digital nomads on the road. We hope to meet and partner with a lot of different tourism boards and brands – including Bhutan and Air New Zealand – who plan on being there.

En route to the Digital Innovation Asia conference in Bangkok, we board an overnight train departing from Chiang Mai to Bangkok in our latest travel video.


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