Travel Blogging at a Korean cafe

In this travel video we hang out at a Korean Cafe (Cafe Jesters Pies) while travel blogging on a Saturday afternoon in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. Jesters Cafe is an Australian franchise that has recently become quite popular in South Korea.  Featuring some of the best pies we’ve had in Korea, it’s no surprise that it can get packed at times with both Koreans and foreigners alike.

With branches all over the country it’s not difficult to locate one near you. Jesters is famous for its meat pies and various kinds of specialty options (including sweet and savoury). We decided to indulge in our two favourites (Blueberry Apple and Maharaja) which we immediately scarfed down.  The pies themselves aren’t overly big but they’re very filling and high calories.

Although we’re English teachers in South Korea, our main passion and projects these days revolve around our online travel blogs that we run.  Our is to transition to becoming digital nomads on the road where we tell travel stories, share travel tips, take travel photos and shoot travel videos.  It’s honestly far more work than our teaching jobs entail.  In order for us to become successful, we’ve been blogging late at night after our teaching shifts and often spending a lot of time on the weekends working on random projects related to our sites that we run together.

We show you Nomadic Samuel, That Backpacker, Backpacking Travel Blog and Smiling Faces Travel Photos. Of course, no video of ours would be completed without our quirky bloopers at the end.

Overall we highly recommend you visit Jesters if you’re in Korea for fast wifi and delicious pies – betcha can’t just eat one!

Travel Blogging at a Korean cafe


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