VIDEO: Tuk-Tuk Ride Temples of Angkor

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This is a travel video capturing clips from our entire three day experience visiting the Temples of Angkor by tuk-tuk (autorickshaw) in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. By far our preferred (and recommended) way of getting around the temples, the tuk-tuk drivers are knowledgeable about which temples to visit while helping your to conserve energy for exploration on foot. We noticed many tourists who decided to take bicycles looking awfully tanned, sweating and exhausted. The video captures many snippets of the things we witnessed on the road, such as passing other vehicles, farm fields, rural areas and small villages. Overall, we often looked forward to taking the tuk-tuk as much as we did exploring the temples, as it gave us a chance to cool off in the breeze while resting our legs.

Video Script:

Here we are riding the tuk-tuk from temple to temple and it is about seven in the morning which happens to be breakfast time for us, so I’m enjoying my banana with a great view. Oh yeah! The best way to get around and explore the temples of Angkor by far.

We are playing a game of where is Waldo. Where is our tuk-tuk driver. There is a lot to choose from but we can’t seem to recognize him. He’s got to be somewhere.

We’ve noticed a lot of people visiting the temples of Angkor on bicycle and although that sounds like a great idea getting the extra exercise and having mobility and saving some money. We’ve found that because a lot of the temples – the complexes themselves – are kilometers in length and the heat and the humidity of this place. We’ve found that taking the tuk-tuk, getting a breeze and resting our legs and whatnot has really allowed us to enjoy exploring the temples more conserving our energy for that. Most people are riding their bikes from temple to temple look exhausted. They do not look happy. They are sun burnt and their faces are red and you have to think that you’ll be tired by the time you get to the temple on the bike but then you have to spend time exploring on foot and after that once you’re done you still need to bike yourself back into town. So take a tuk-tuk. Take the tuk-tuk!

Taking a tuk-tuk ride around the temples of Angkor, Cambodia


  • Frank says:

    Hey, we must have been at Angkor at the same time! Just got back. Love the stuff you captured: the crazy tractors, the kids on those really big bikes, the pigs in the road (we actually saw 3 pigs being carried upside down on the back of a motorcycle. Crazy! It just amazed us the stuff we saw and how you can fly an hour from Bangkok and see a whole different world.

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