VIDEO: Vegetarian feast in Nha Trang

In our latest travel video we go a quick little two minute jaunt from our guest house over to Au Lac Restaurant for a delicious Vietnamese vegetarian feast in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

This popular little Vietnamese eatery was packed with locals enjoying cheap and affordable lunches. Recommended to us from other travelers, we felt lucky the eatery was located so close to our guest house which was on a bit on the outskirts from the most popular area of the city.

The central idea of this restaurant is that there is no menu, one just gets a plate of rice covered by a generous portion of vegetables and tofu dishes along with a cucumber based soup. It’s kind of a refreshing change not having to scour over a menu in search of an exact item; the only other time I can vividly remember doing this was when I was at a popular restaurant in Old Dhaka, Bangladesh.

This entire meal cost only 35,000 Vietnamese Dong which at the time of publication is only $1.75 USD. Considering Nha Trang is very much a touristy beach city, prices tend to be higher here relative to other parts of Vietnam which made this meal seem like an absolute steal of a deal. Considering how tasty it was it should come as no surprised that we came back often.

While tantalizing our taste buds Audrey proclaimed, “This is the best tofu I’ve ever had.” I honestly can’t think of many (if any) better budget value meals that this. This just proves that if you’re willing to get off of the tourist zone you can find delicious and affordable meals for a fraction of the cost you’d be on the main strip.

If one is backpacking and looking to save money I highly recommend checking our local eateries (such as this one) for gormandizing pleasure at rock bottom prices. We were certainly satisfied beyond our initial expectations.

Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant in Nha Trang, Vietnam


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