VIDEO: Vegetarian Friendly Food in Chiang Mai

Having just arrived back in Chiang Mai, Thailand we decided to visit on of our favorite new vegetarian friendly restaurants, Salad Concept, where we ordered vegetable wraps with bacon, berry smoothies and decadent cheesecake inspired desserts.

In many ways this was a doomed journey.

First off, my bicycle broke down three quarters of the way to the restaurant. After trying to fix the bike for close to half an hour we finally decided to give up and abandon it. With just three weeks left in Chiang Mai we were looking to give it away anyhow. After fixing it ourselves and realizing the chain had been destroyed, a couple of kind Thai men (who didn’t speak a word of English) tried to fix it even though we both knew it couldn’t be repaired unlike my old pair of sandals.

Upon finally arriving at the restaurant we were exhausted and ready to feast. My hands were tar black from all of the gunk I had accumulated from trying to fix the chain on my bicycle. No amount of scrubbing with soap and water would completely get rid of it. Instead of being able to enjoy gripping the sandwich with my bare hands I had to settle for buffering it with a napkin.

One of the main reasons we love Salad Concept is the do it yourself salads and wraps. With a plethora of ingredients, you’re given a small menu and pencil to create your own masterpiece. I ended up going with tomatoes, feta cheese, pumpkin, croutons, pasta and bacon just to name a few of the many ingredients in my wrap. Audrey ended up ordering something very similar.

Before our wraps arrived at our table we lounged liked lizards sipping on wonderful fruit concoctions. My berry smoothie that I ordered caught the eye of Audrey who wasn’t as satisfied with her mixed fruit drink. Lately, I’ve been noticing a phenomenon where Audrey looks over at what I’m having and has food envy. Whenever, that occurs I’m more or less forced to share half of my plate with her 😉

When our wraps arrived at our table we were salivating like Pavlovian dogs. The amount of fillings they’re able to get into their wraps is legendary. We both couldn’t hide our excitement as we took big bite after big bite. These are literally the best wraps I’ve ever had anywhere.

Not being the types to skip out on fancy desserts, we ordered a cheesecake apple strudel cake along with a dark chocolate brownie with cream cheese filling. To say these two slabs of sugary wonderfullness were anything less than decadent would be an understatement.

We left the restaurant feeling stuffed and satisfied; albeit without our bicycles to ride back home.

Overall, the meal came in at just over 600 Baht, which is certainly a splurge for us in SE Asia. Typically we’re used to having meals for under 200 Baht in Thailand and if we’re eating street food our bill often comes in at under 100 Baht. With that being said, we still felt it was a good value meal because the quality and freshness of the ingredients at this restaurant make up for the higher prices.

Eating vegetarian friendly lunch at Salad Concept in Chiang Mai


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