VIDEO: Korean Train from Pyeongtaek to Gwangju

In this travel video we (Audrey and Samuel) take a Korean train from Pyeongtaek to Gwangju. The journey is about 3.5 hours and we used the slowest Korail (Mugunghwa 무궁화) to get there.  Even the lowest class trains in Korea offer better service and reliability than many of the highest class trains I’ve taken in other countries.  Quite comfortable and spacious on board, it’s the perfect budget value way for us to explore around the country.  The only reason one could have for taking the faster trains would be to save time on the journey; however, as we’re more budget minded travelers we’d prefer saving our hard earned Won 😉

One of the most fascinating aspects of traveling across the Korean peninsula is that you can reach point A to point B in less than a day.  Any single destination in the country is quite accessible and easy to travel to no matter where you are located.  This makes weekend outings an absolute must.  Given how geographically small the territory you would think much of the scenery and landscapes would be similar; however, this is far from the case.  Korea is just as diverse in terms of landscapes as many other countries I’ve visited that had over 10 times the territory.


On board we enjoy some Korean snacks (Cheese bun and English muffin), act silly (as per usual) & show you clips of the scenery along the way. We both love taking the train and we were very exciting to start our two day weekend adventure by taking the train down south. This is part of our life in Korea series.

Korean Train from Pyeongtaek to Gwangju video still


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