VIDEO: Smiling Faces From Korea

This is a travel slideshow video showcasing Korean smiling faces, happy faces and grins from a collection of travel photos from Korea I’ve collected over the years teaching English in South Korea and backpacking around the country in my younger days.

Koreans are quite photogenic and I feel this collection represents a wide cross section from children to mature adults.  Some of the photos from this slideshow were taken at the various elementary schools and private academies (Korean hagwons) that I’ve worked at from 2005 until 2012.  A few are from the dusted off vaults of my collection I took while backpacking overseas in Asia for the first time back in 2004, when I stayed at a guest house in Hongdae with plenty of character and quirks that doesn’t even exist anymore.

Many of my photos were taken in selection destinations across Korea.  The majority of the photos come from specific locations in Seoul and Incheon although there are more from Seoul, Suwon, Incheon, Gwangju, Daejeon, Pyeongtaek, Anseong, Busan and Yongin.  I’ve covered quite a decent chunk of territory while living in Korea but there are still many places I didn’t get around to visiting.

As a street photographer, many of these photos were taken while pounding the pavement while the bulk of the others come from my most recent gig at a Korean elementary school in Jinsari, Anseong, Gyeongi-Do, South Korea.  Some of my favorite destinations for taking photos in Korea include many of the bustling markets, such as Namdaemum and Dongdaemun, along with busy pedestrian hives including Insadong and Myeongdong.

I hope you’ll enjoy this collection.  My ultimate goal of the ‘smiles’ slideshow, video and photo essay series is to put a smile on your faces as well.

Korean Smiling Faces, Happy Faces and Grins

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