VIDEO: Visiting a local Cham Muslim Community

Rising early on the third and final day of our Mekong Delta tour, we boarded a small vessel to visit some nearby floating markets / homes, an enormous catfish fish farm and a Cham Muslim village community.

After two rather disappointing days to start our tour we had higher expectations that the third day might be more interesting as we approached a more remote frontier section of the Mekong Delta.

The floating homes and markets were fascinating but apparently only erected in recent years which was really surprising for me to hear. In the future, I’d love to do a proper week long home stay on a floating village where I can have the opportunity to try my hand at fishing and other tasks associated with the daily life of people who live on water.

The catfish fish farm wasn’t as impressive aside from the feeding sessions where fish splashed furiously over the morsels of food scattered in the water. I ended up getting splashed along with others along with us on the tour.

Our final stop (which happened to be my favorite) was visiting the Cham Muslim community.

With locals adorning sarongs and white prayer caps it showcased a minority in Vietnam not often visibly noticeable in larger urban centers.

It honestly felt as though we weren’t in Vietnam; it’s surreal how remote communities, fishing villages and hill-tribes have retained their culture and unique way of life over the years.

Moreover, the locals were an incredibly outgoing lot – enjoying smiling, waving, say hello and posing for photos. I ended up taking more travel images while visiting this village than I did at any other point of the tour.

The architecture of the homes was equally fascinating as it reminded me of the kampung-style wooden stilt houses I’ve seen in before in Brunei.

Overall, this was a great start to our morning before our impossibly long bus ride back to Saigon.

Visiting a remote Cham Muslim community islet in Chau Doc, Vietnam

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