VIDEO: Visiting a Bedouin Home

Visiting a Bedouin Home to drink coffee, tea and eat bread inside of the tent in Jordan (بَدَوِي,).

Video Script:

So this morning we are doing something called the Bedouin experience which means we are visiting a village with a local Bedouin and he’s just showing us around some of the things his family do. Like how they make coffee, how they take care of their goats. We’re going to be showing you that. And we’ve been invited into this tent. Right here.

This is the Bedouin tent. This is the men’s part. Bedouin tents are divided for two parts. One for the women and one for the men. So always when there is guests this will be separate. The women will go to women part and the men will come to the men part.

Do you want to smell? Oh yeah, that’s good. This will give you energy. Ooooh! Wonderful. How does it smell Audrey? Like coffee!
Bang Bang Bang.

So when I serve it for you I will give you the cup in my right hand and if you have to hold it in your right hand. And you have to be sitting. I think all of you are sitting in the right way to have coffee. If you’re lying down it’s not respectful to have coffee, so you have to respect the meaning of the coffee and the host. We don’t give the coffee for somebody lying down. We should be sitting up.

So the Bedouin are a nomadic people. This right here is their summer home and they’re just in the process of moving to the winter home which is just over there.

The winter home is more protective as it has coverage from the wind, blocked by hills and mountains.

We’ve also been learning a little bit about Bedouin hospitality and apparently if a stranger wanders into your home it is common for you to offer them to stay for a maximum of three nights with no questions asked and after that they will either inquire ‘why are you here? Where are you going? Or you are free to leave and go your way.

I have coal on my eyes. Does it look good? It does. Beautiful.
Just stop moving. That’s so funny.

Visiting a Bedouin Home to Drink Coffee and Eat Bread


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  • Dale says:

    That funky tune was not quite what I was expecting given the subject matter, but it got me in a good groove 🙂

    Looks like an enjoyable experience, especially with the coffee and bread which are two of my favourite subjects right now. Could listen to people talking Arabic languages all day, so poetic.

  • Fantastic experience – getting a local tour from a native is the best and getting into their tent… Wow!

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