VIDEO: Visiting the Blue Mosque

Visiting the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey (Sultan Ahmed Mosque – Sultan Ahmet Camii) Travel Video.

Video Script:

Call to prayer.

This morning we are visiting the Blue Mosque also known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque and it is absolutely packed. We arrived here at around 10 am and the lines were wrapping all around the courtyard. It took about 15 minutes to get in but it’s absolutely worth it.

It’s absolutely enormous here. There are six towering minarets, two hundred and sixty windows and twenty thousand tiles just in the main area.

As a man when visiting the mosque this is the type of outfit that you’re allowed to wear. T-shirt is fine. You’re going to want to have long pants and you’re going to want to be wearing socks.

And if you forgot some of these things they do have other items that you can cover up with inside.

And as a girl you’ll want to cover your head, your shoulders and your legs. And don’t forget the socks. Yes, and bring socks because you will have to take your shoes off before you go in.

So our conclusion from visiting. It’s a very impressive mosque. It’s one of the largest in the world. I loved going inside. It’s amazing to see but crowds are something to contend with definitely.

Visiting the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

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