VIDEO: Visiting Caesarea, Israel

Visiting Caesarea, Israel Travel Video ( קֵיסָרְיָה ; – قيسارية‎ ; Kaysaria; Καισάρεια ; Kayseri).

Video Script:

So today we are in Caesarea and what’s unique about this city that we’re visiting today is that it was given as a gift from Agus Caesar to Harrod The Great. Not a bad present! A whole city.

Apparently it took a whole 12 years to complete this city as a gift. I’m usually not willing to spend more than 12 minutes to shop for someone.

Here were are at the Hippodrome. This is where chariot racing used to take place.

Yee-Hah! Galloping.

To infinity and beyond!

Over here you can see a lot of people enjoying watersports, kayaking, boating. There is a whole bunch of activities going on.

So this is a city that really flourishes during the Byzantine Period and it even expanded 400 acres just around the center of Caesarea. howeever, after the arab conquest the city started going downhill and many of the people just abandoned the place and it became a forgotten village. And today we just have ruins.

So where might you be sitting? Ahhhh, Roman toilets are great. Okay, so back in the day there would have actually been running water to flush away you know…wayward turds.

And that concludes our brief visit to Caesarea.

Visiting Caesarea, Israel

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