VIDEO: Visiting Cafayate, Argentina

Visiting Cafayate, Argentina

After our misadventure of a journey to Cachi we were hopeful for a smoother tour when we booked another day trip from Salta to Cafayate. Fortunately for us, things went really well this time. We ended up visiting some incredible national parks and visiting a vineyard for a wine tour. Afterwards we ate empanadas for lunch and tried wine ice cream for the first time (Malbec) before heading back.

Visiting Cafayate, Argentina

Visiting Cafayate, Argentina

Travel Video: Visiting Cafayate, Argentina

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Video Script:

So good morning from somewhere in the province of Salta. Today we’re doing another day trip. So we left the city behind and we’re driving towards a place called Cafayate. Right now we’re just making a little pit stop. A little breakfast stop. So we just ate some alfajores, had some coffee. Oh, they were so good. So good. Double layer alfajores. Oh, yeah. There was so much dulce de leche on them. So yeah, we’re just going to continue with the drive over and we’re going to be stopping at a National Park to see some cool stuff. And they are calling us over because we’re leaving. We’re leaving.

Alright, so we have made it to the National Park and our first stop is the amphitheater. Now apparently this place has 70% of the acoustics that you get in Theatre Colon in Buenos Aires. That is not too bad, huh? Pretty good acoustics. Are you going to test out your vocals here? Lalalala. Lalalala. Let’s leave that to the professions.

Alright, so I think it is easy to guess where we are right now? Can you guess where we are? A vineyard. Yes, so after a scenic drive we finally arrived in Cafayate. And now we’re doing a vineyard tour. And the best part of this is going to be when we get to sample the wine. Lots of wine. Yeah.

So you are having your first glass of Torrontés. Yes, and they told me to swirl it around ten times before trying it so I think I’m well above ten at this point. Maybe twenty. Ten times. That’s quite the method. Nice and fruity and little bit dry too.

So this is church wine that you’re drinking right now. This is used in mass. Yeah, I usually don’t associate church and wine together but this one is really sweet. It has a bit of a honey aftertaste.

So we have a bit of a shopping stop here at the local market. And someone found a gaucho hat. I’ve always wanted to be a cowboy. Not just any cowboy. A gaucho cowboy. Alright, let’s see if the hat fits.

It kind of does. A bit of a gringo cowboy. But…hahaha

Okay, so the cowboy needs his ice cream for dessert. Yes, and this is not just any kind of ice cream. This might look like strawberry and maybe walnut. But oh no no this is not that.. This over here is wine flavored ice cream. Malbec. And this is a local fruit called Cayote. So I’m going to try them both.

Is it like a creamy milk ice cream or like gelato? It is more like a gelato. Even a little bit more watered down than that. But yeah, you do taste the wine. It’s refreshing. Now let me try this one. This one might be more milky. Yeah, it is.

This one is sweeter and it has that kind of a. I would describe it as kind of honey taste with a bit of kind of pulpy string. And I think it also has walnuts. Yes, it also has walnuts too. So do you have a favorite? I like the sweeter one. I like the cayote one a bit more but the wine one is also pretty refreshing.

So we’re coming to the end of our trip. This is actually on the drive back. Right now we’ve pulled over at the three crosses look out point. So let us show you the views. Yes.

And this actually is our final stop. We’re now going inside the Devil’s Throat. That should be a frightening experience.

Okay, so final thoughts on Cafayate and the Calchaquies Valleys before we get back on the bus. Yes, so this was actually a really relaxing tour. Which was fantastic because tonight we are taking a night bus to Cordoba. So we got to see a lot today but the pace was very relaxed. We had a lot of time to kind of chill. Lots of wine, lots of cheese. Lots of wine, lots of good food. So now it is time to have a siesta on the bus. Sounds good to me.

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