Visiting the Dead Sea

Visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan getting muddy and floating البحر الميت – יָם הַ‏‏מֶּ‏‏לַ‏.  We had an awesome time visiting; however, I was we had time to try skydiving at the Dead Sea.

Video Script:

This one is a lot smoother and gooier than the one we had in Israel. Is it? Show me the big lovely pile of mud. That you’re going to smear all over yourself. I am. Because it is good for you. So we are back in the Dead Sea again. A few weeks ago we visited on the other Israeli side and this time we’ve crossed over to Jordan. I’m getting muddy. I think you just like to get Muddy, that’s all. I do but you know what – last time I skimped out a little and I didn’t cover my entire body in mud. So I’m trying to be dirtier this time around. And now time for the facial. Right in your eyes. Rub it in your eyes. Come on. Hahahaha! Nice. I probably am not supposed to get it on my lips. No. Probably not. But you like to break the rules. So the mud has started to dry on my body. I think it’s time to go into the water and wash off. So I think I maybe lasted for about three minutes in the Dead Sea this time around. Yesterday I rode a camel in the morning and it didn’t rub me the right way. Camel Burn!!! So going in a salty ocean wasn’t a very pleasant feeling. But Sam is going to go back in, right? Normally I’ve very good at sinking but right now I’m floating. And this over here may look like ice or snow but it’s actually salt. Crystallized salt. Here we have a few more chunks of salt in my hand.

Visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan


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