VIDEO: Visiting the Dead Sea in Israel

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Swimming and floating at the Dead Sea in Israel ( יָם הַ‏‏מֶּ‏‏לַ‏ח יָם הַ‏‏מָּוֶת البحر الميت )

Video Script:

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So today we’re visiting the Dead Sea here in Israel. This is a place where you can just float in the water and it’s impossible to sink and before I go in there, I’m going to get all muddy. Because it is good for you.
So the Dead Sea is four hundred meters below Sea level and it has such a high concentration of salt. I believe it’s three of four times as much as normal. It allows you to float. This feels so gross. This is going to get under my nails. Time to get your mud on! You feeling the mud? MMMM.
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I think I did an okay job. I wasn’t able to get my back but I think I’m ready to go in. The mud is almost dry.
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What are you all doing out there? We’re floating Samuel! Yes, it’s the Dead Sea! And we’re alive!
So after my little spa session of putting mud all over my face and then washing it off in the sea my skin feels super soft. Like a babies bottom. I still feel like Wolverine.

Visiting the Dead Sea in Israel

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