VIDEO: Visiting Mount Precipice

Visiting Mount Precipice, the Baha’i Gardens and Temple in Haifa and Acre, Israel.

Video Script:

So this morning we are visiting an Olive press but before we learn how oil is made we are just walking around the farm and we’ve met a nice little horse over here.

This is the same olive oil that is settled a year. Okay. And it is still very high quality but the taste is good. So which one is better the fresh. Ahhhhh. The older one is better. This is olive oil straight from the press. Mmmmmmmm

Right now we’re high atop Mount Precipice. Overlooking the city of Nazareth.

We have no arrived at Haifa and we’re visiting the Baha’a Gardens and this place is amazing. It’s just lined with palm trees, eucalyptus trees, flowers.

You’d think after visiting all of these religious sites I’d actually remember to wear pants but no. I actually just love wearing dresses. That’s all. Looks good on you. It does.

Visiting Mount Precipice and the Baha'i Gardens in Israel

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