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To say we hit the ground running after arriving in Germany would be an understatement. Multiple flights, renting a car, visiting several museums and reacquainting ourselves with some of our favorite German foods were all squeezed in to day one. The highlights of the day spent in Spreewald included Freilandmuseum Lehde (Open air museum), Gurkenmuseum (Pickle and Cucumber Museum) and an enormous plate of Schnitzel and grilled fish. Whew! We’re officially back. What a day!

Video Script:

So hello from Germany! We’ve finally made it here this morning. We’re still feeling a little jet lagged and disoriented but we got here in the morning, we picked up a car at the airport, we’ve driven down to a place called Spreewald. Which is the Spree forest. And we’re just going to spend the next couple of days checking out the area. Just visiting the canals. This is a great place for nature. And apparently also cucumbers. So we’re going to be taking in the sights, sampling some food and showing you guys around.

Let’s go check out the village. So right now we’re checking out the Freilandmuseum Lehde. Which is a cool outdoor open air museum and basically they have these old homes that date back to the 19th Century. And you can see what life was like during that time period. So we’re going to be walking through, learning about their customs, their traditions. And I think it is going to make us really thankful for the time period we live in right now.

Alright, so what are we doing next? It is time to play some kids games from the 19th century. And I have a feeling this is going to make us look very uncoordinated.

So we’re going to be visiting a few different homes in this open air museum. And they really vary in size and character. So this is one of the cool ones. Let’s go in and peruse. So inside this home we have the wedding planner wearing a very beautiful elaborate suit and gown kind of deal. If you follow me over here you can see people getting ready for a wedding. And apparently the bride would have worn a black and green. Not white because white was considered the colour of mourning.

So that was a lot of fun. I think we’re just about ready to leave the open air museum and we’ll see what else we can find.

So we’re now visiting a cucumber museum. It is a little bit quirky. And we’re going to be looking at how pickles are produced and the history behind them. So every year in this area they have a festival where they select the cucumber queen. And basically these girls come and present their recipes of their pickled cucumbers and whoever has the best tasting one wins and she’s crowned for the year. And her recipe is made available throughout the area. So we actually have the winning recipe in the cup here. Wow. Right in here. So we should probably try these out eh? Oh, yeah.

So I get to try the pickle from the winning recipe Let’s check it out. This one is a lot sweeter. I really like it. So after all that sightseeing I’d say it is time for dinner. This is where we’re going to eat today and it looks like a beautiful setting. Come along.

So my meal has arrived and it looks so amazing. I think I’m not even going to share with Sam. That is so mean. This is. No it is not. This is my pike perch. It’s on a bed of sauteed vegetables. And I also have a nice little um baked potato here with some kind of sauce with dill. Woah, that looks like a very generous amount. That looks amazing. So I’m just going to dig right in. This looks wonderful. I need a knife. This looks so good. Oh my gosh. How is that? The fish is perfection. The skin is nice and crispy, buttery and it is just so good. Juicy on the inside?

You know how I can tell you’re enjoying it? You don’t want to talk anymore. No, I just want to eat. What is happening over in your plate? Also, mine looks pretty good. I’ve got boar schnitzel which is down here. Oh, la lah. And sauerkraut here and a kind of mashed potato over here. With horseradish. Wish horseradish. Alright, let’s try the schnitzel. Oh, look at that. That’s really good schnitzel. So what does boar schnitzel taste like? It has a rich, a little bit of a game-y taste but the thing I really like about this schnitzel is just the coating they put over top of it. It’s really crispy. So we just finished an absolutely wonderful meal and we are feeling stuffed. We’re also feeling a little bit jet lagged so I think we’re going to call it a day and just go get some rest and we’ll see you tomorrow.

Our first impressions of visiting Spreewald, Germany

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