VIDEO: Visiting Villa General Belgrano in Córdoba, Argentina

Visiting Villa General Belgrano in Córdoba, Argentina

One of the more quirky towns you can visit in Argentina is Villa General Belgrano. The town itself, of recent German roots, feels like something straight out of Bavaria, Germany. Here you’ll find Schnitzel, sauerkraut and craft beer. Along with the ample opportunities you have to purchase souvenirs one of the nicest features of this place is that you’re never far from nature. With many scenic paths to explore you can quickly move away from the tourist center. Overall, it was great visiting here because it is nearby where Audrey grew up as a child. Don’t think it is cheap here. The prices, as of today, are rather expensive (think Europe and North America) and we left spending a lot more than we anticipated; however, we found some bargains with items such as ice cream and wine.

Visiting Villa General Belgrano in Córdoba, Argentina

Visiting Villa General Belgrano in Córdoba, Argentina

Travel Video: Visiting Villa General Belgrano in Córdoba, Argentina

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Video Script:

Well, welcome to Germany. Or should I say the Germany of South America. Today we’re visiting a town called Villa General Belgrano which has very German roots. Like walking around here you’re almost feeling like you’ve been transported back to Bavaria. And this is a town that I’m very familiar with because I actually grew up in a local village that was only 30 minutes away from here. So we’re going to be taking a little tour of the town. I’m excited to show Sam around. And maybe we’ll try a few German delicacies. Some beer, pastries, who knows. We’ll see what is on the menu.

So this is kind of a cool sign because it shows all of the different festivals that happen here throughout the year. And we have a Christmas fair, an Alpine chocolate festival, a Viennese pastry festival and also Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest. Where they drink beer in their giant pints. Prost!

So it is early evening now. About 7 or 7:30 pm and we’re visiting a little craft market in the town. And they have a lot of really strange and unique things here. Like we’ve seen dinosaurs, you buy mate, you can jewelry, musical instruments. It is just very artsy. I’m seeing lots of fairies as well. I bet you’re wondering if they are real or not. Oh yeah, that is what I’ve been pondering all day.

Hello there little magical elf. Are you a good elf or a bad elf? I don’t talk to nobody.

So we are now in the ecological park. Yeah, and it is just like a turnoff from the main strip. It is amazing how within five minutes you’re away from the touristy area and you’re out experiencing greenery and an escape from the hustle and bustle. Yeah, can you hear the sound of the stream. The sound of nature.

So since we’re in such a German town that means we have to have a beer, right? Yeah, apparently you get kicked out of the town if you don’t have a beer. Oh ho! So yes, we’re waiting for our drinks. We ordered Chopp. I’m having a blonde, you’re having red. And I’m thirsty. Hmmm, good.

Ready for your ice cold craft beer? Rojo! I think it is really funny that you ordered the red beer and you’re a red head and I ordered the blonde one. We didn’t even mean to do that did we. Haha, the joke is on us. This beer is great. This is local craft beer and it has been really hot today so this is very refreshing.

Okay blondie time for your beer. Salut!

That is quite nice. And look what we’ve got here. This is called Carlitos. Nice ham and cheese sandwich. Mmmm.

That is real nice. Oh, yeah.

Gandolf. Gandolph is in town. Gandolf is in the house.

(Bagpipes playing)

(Tango singing)

Okay, so Argentina is not very cheap right now but there is one thing that is super affordable. And that is…that is ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream and wine at the current moment are cheaper than water. So we’ve been eating a lot of that and drinking a lot of wine. And I have one of my favorite flavors here. I have dulce de leche ice cream con brownie. So it has a brownie as well. Brownie chunks in there…oh la lah.

So Sam, you’ve had a couple of days here Villa General Belgrano. What are your impressions of the place so far? Yeah, it’s a fun quirky town. Definitely geared towards tourists. Like you said, it feels like it is straight out of Bavaria. It is kind of a bit of a fantasy land. It is fun. I love that it is in the woods. It is near nature. You can go for lots of scenic walks. And I also like that they have really good German food and awesome craft beer.

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