VIDEO: Walking in Rural Drakensberg

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While basing ourselves in Northern Drakensberg for several days we stayed on a lovely property (Amphitheatre backpackers) that branched off to an airstrip, river and isolated tree. After spending a bit of time in Johannesburg it was the perfect scenic retreat. These days I’m starting to feel more in touch with my roots and quiet remote areas are more appealing to me than sprawling cities.

Video Script:

So, good morning. Today we are in Northern Drakensberg. We’ve been staying at a really cool hostel called Amphitheater backpackers. And they have a little hike that you can do just outside of their property. So we’re just over at the gate right now. We’re going to head out and do a little bit of exploring on foot.

It’s a beautiful morning. We witnessed the most amazing sunrise yet again. And now it is time for a bit of exercise.

We’re at a crossroads over here. Big tree this way. Big Dam that way. Oh, which way will we go? Okay, this way. It is decided. Big tree.

This is like falling the yellow brick road. Come on, sing it for us. Follow the yellow brick road. Follow the yellow brick road.

So we are at an another crossroads. We can go towards the airstrip or towards the river. I think we’re going to choose the river just because it is starting to get really hot. I’ve already started taking off several layers. And we’re running out of time. And some water would be nice.

I really enjoyed this walk. Sometimes it is great to just get off of the beaten track once in a while and just relax.

And that concludes our little walk around. I think it is time for a cold beer.

Scenic walk in rural Drakensberg, South Africa

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