VIDEO: Wandering around Dongbaek Yongin

In this travel video we show you Audrey Bergner’s Korean neighborhood of Dongbaek located in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea (용인 – 동백) as we tour around some of our favorite areas.

We take you on a tour of some of our favorite Korean restaurants, Korean bars and Korean coffee houses.  Some of the top places to eat in the area include Han’s Deli, a Shabu Shabu joint and our favorite cheap Korean gimbap restaurant.

Afterwards, we explore a nearby park where I take the time to go jogging (running) around the lake.  Considering how much food I ate while visiting my family back home in Canada compounded by Korean New feasts, I certainly needed the exercise trying to bust my blogger belly.

At this park we notice that certain sections of the pond are frozen where the ducks are still swimming and searching for food.  Although wildlife spottings are rare in Audrey’s neighborhood, around E-Mart you can often see birds in and around the pond.

Along the sidewalks it is covered in ice and snow and is quite treacherous to walk around.  Both of us have fallen to the ground hard during these winter months.  It’s also quite common to see a pedestrian take a tumble scurrying to and from work.

This is a very typical Korean cold day during winter.  We’ve decided to embrace the weather as much as we can going for short walks and playing in the snow; however, I certainly enjoy it more than Audrey who is not a fan of subzero temperatures.

The streets are quite bare because it is Seollal (Korean Lunar New Year). rendering this normally bustling area into a near ghost town.

Wandering around Dongbaek Yongin


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