VIDEO: Wandering around Jaffa, Israel

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Tour around Jaffa in Tel Aviv, Israel visiting the beach promenade and flea market יָפוֹ‎‎ يَافَا‎

Know as Yafo in Hebrew and Yaffa in Arabic, Jaffa is historically the most ancient area in and around Tel Aviv.

With a diverse population it is where most of the Arab population settles in Tel Aviv.

From various vantage points one can enjoy gorgeous beach promenade views. This area, in particular, is especially popular with fitness buffs enjoying jogging, running, swimming and surfing.

With restored alleys, art galleries and quaint cafes, Jaffe is a city that is very pedestrian friendly.

While strolling along the Jaffa seaport we spotted fishermen and street musicians busking for coins.

After scarfing down hummus and other delectable Israeli and Arab snacks, we spent the rest of our time making our way down narrow lanes of the Flea Market and Bazaar. From antiques to souvenirs this is where tourists load up on items such as finely crafted hookahs and postcards to send home.

Video Script:

Today we’re going on a tour to Jaffa where we’re going to be checking out a traditional flea market.

I knew we’d find a cat. Crazy cat lady. Hello!
Background music playing.
Bat sounds.
Background music playing.
Man playing music.

You can find lots of really cool items in this market. They have antiques, souvenirs, paintings, furniture.

So we really enjoyed exploring Jaffa or Yaffo as they like to call it. So my favorite thing about wandering around Jaffa has been that they have these narrow little alleys that are just kind of like a maze and you come across these friendly little cats that are just hanging out, so it’s been a really fun place to explore. It’s also a nice sunny day and we’re right by the sea, so it was a great morning out and a nice little introduction to Israel.

Wandering around Jaffa, Israel

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