3 Ways To Save Money Traveling


When taking the trip of a lifetime it can be alarming how quickly travel funds are depleting or costs are stretched beyond initial projection.  When on your holiday it is paramount to be enjoying the moment and not worrying about money related issues.  The following three tips are sure-fire ways to help keep money in your pocket and smiles on your face.

Book Flights in Advance

Scrambling to buy last minutes tickets for you holidays is not the best strategy for finding the cheapest ticket.  Airlines are privy to the fact people are desperate last minute and with a nearly full aircraft they can charge premium prices.  Instead, decide when you want to go on holiday in advance and make sure to be checking prices 3-6 months before departure date.  Airlines tend to offer their best deals in this sweet spot.  It’s a technique I’ve used in the past to save over 50% on flights in Asia and North America.

Eat Locally 

Finally, eating locally has been a travel hack that I’ve been using for years to keep extra coins in my pocket.  Local cuisine is not only delicious but it is far cheaper than International cuisine.  For the best experience get away from touristy areas and check out where locals are eating.  If a restaurant is full of locals it must be serving great food at affordable prices.

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