How to prepare for a holiday

How to prepare for a holiday

We save our hard earned cash each year for a varying set of priorities, chief amongst them, a nice holiday. Holidays become the focal point of our year, and in order to enjoy the ultimate stress free experience we need to form a habit of taking out comprehensive holiday insurance cover along with carrying out all of the necessary safety measures before we go.

Primarily, when travelling within Europe, you need to obtain a European Health Insurance Card entitling you statutory health care across the EEC. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this entitles you to comprehensive medical care though; if you incur any costs outside of the state provided system, you may be obliged to pay the bills. Outside of the EEC Travel Insurance takes on even more significance.

You aren’t entitled to any statutory health care outside of Europe so a good policy is vital. Repatriation and rescue fees can accrue exorbitant charges which is why companies like advertise policies covering up to £10 million.

Taking out a comprehensive scheme can be much cheaper than you think, offering far better value than the superficial one off packages available through small independent brokers. A general Annual Travel Insurance policy with a company like Endsleigh Travel Insurance will cover you against cancellation, robbery, insolvency of providers, delays and lost luggage.

Loss of your luggage can be devastating due to the sheer value of your daily wares. The standard luggage allowance of around 22kg of your best clothes can be worth a lot of money so cover up to and around the £2,000 mark is essential.

When travelling to exotic climes, be sure to look up the state you plan to visit on the Foreign Office website and note down contact details of Embassies in case of emergency. Your holiday, more often than not will go according to plan, but your ability to legislate against disaster could potentially turn a bad situation into something you can handle financially and mentally.

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