Inspiring tips for saving up that travel fund

So you’ve made that brave decision to pack in the job and fly off in search of adventure – good for you! Now comes the hard bit – saving the cash. No matter what people say, unless you are stacking up gold bars each and every month, this is going to be the major challenge. The last thing that you want to do is embark on the trip of a lifetime with barely enough readies to get you through a month. To help you on your way to excitement in new and fascinating places, here are some inspiring tips to help you save up that travel fund…

Backpacking in the desert

Save it for the big trip

Chances are that if you are planning a big trip, you are the kind of person who likes to take off at any given opportunity. However, the cost of these little jaunts can mount up and take an almighty chunk out of that vital savings fund. Keep the bigger picture in mind and ‘just say no’ to any holiday requests from friends. If your need to visit somewhere new becomes too much – snap up one of the many cheap breaks that you can find online, but try and keep this to a minimum or you will never meet your saving goals!

Resist temptation

We understand that those shoes are to-die-for, that the line-up for that music festival sounds un-missable, and that you just can’t do without that coffee and cake – but it takes sacrifice to save and this means cutting things out. We recommend carrying around a picture of the place that you are most excited about visiting, be that Copacabana Beach in Rio or Table Mountain in South Africa. Every time you feel the need to reach for that debit card – pull out that picture and think how much better the money would be spent in that location than in Starbucks!

Make saving fun

Now we don’t know about you but for us, adding a competitive edge to anything makes it way more exciting. Therefore, if you are travelling with companions or on your own, keep a close eye on your savings, record how much you put away every month and try and better yourself the next month. Another great way of motivating yourself to save is by setting yourself targets – enough for your ticket, enough for that tour of Machu Picchu…work out the things that you want to do and how much they will cost and then cross them off as you save up enough to do them.

Keep the trip at the forefront of your mind

When you start saving months in advance, it can be easy to think “I’ll save more next month” and before you know it, the time is upon you and you haven’t saved nearly enough. Keep yourself motivated with research, route planning, reading about your destinations and learning the language – these things will keep you busy, keep you focused and will mean that when the time comes you will jet off with the knowledge, the plan and the bank balance to make sure that you can see it all through!



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