Adelaide City Guide: Things to Do, See and Eat traveling in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide Travel Guide


Despite being the capital of South Australia, Adelaide tends to get passed over when it comes to mentions in the travel media. Lacking the reputation of places like Sydney and Melbourne, this place has become something of an underrated gem.

With plenty of quality vineyards and local food producers, excellent surfing beaches, and being home to the world’s first immigration museum, it is a place you should spend a least a couple days exploring before moving onward in your Aussie travels.

Cultural Attractions

Learn about the human and natural history of the Adelaide area by spending a few hours exploring the exhibits of the South Australian Museum. Its most significant holding is its collection of Aboriginal artifacts, which has been certified to be the largest in the world.

Other galleries worth checking out include exhibits on ancient Egypt, Pacific Islander cultures, the biodiversity of Southern Australia, opal fossils, and minerals & meteorites. This attraction is a great place to kill a couple of hours on a rainy day, but if you are on a tight schedule, don’t miss the giant squid, which is on display in a former (now exposed) lift shaft which spans several floors.

The Migration Museum is another institution worth checking out during your visit to Adelaide, as it details the history of immigration to Oz. With its opening in 1986, it was the first museum in the world dedicated to the topic, predating its more famous cousins worldwide (e.g. Ellis Island).

With interactive displays which tell the stories of early immigrants to South Australia, you’ll get an idea how desperate things were back then compared to the more orderly processes we have in the modern age. Entry is free, making this an excellent attraction for those travelling on a budget.

Lovers of visual art won’t want to leave Adelaide without checking out the Art Gallery of South Australia. With over 38,000 works running the gamut from Australian to Asian to European art, you’ll find a style of creative expression that resonates with you.

With works that include paintings, sculpture, drawings, photographs, ceramics, jewellery, and more, there will be plenty of items here that will hold your interest during your visit here.

Other Attractions

The land surrounding Adelaide is home to some of the most fertile land in Australia. If you want to get an idea of the agricultural bounty this area is capable of supporting, spend an hour or so strolling the stalls of the Adelaide Central Market.

For over 140 years, its eighty stalls have welcomed fruit and veg, meat, bakery, pastry, and other vendors from the surrounding vicinity. It’s more than just your garden variety farmer’s market – with over eight million visitors per year, it is South Australia’s most visited attraction.

There is more than just foodstuffs for sale, though – there are shops which sell prepared food and some of the best coffee in town, so don’t be in a rush during your time here.

Find out what grows in this corner of the continent at the Adelaide Botanic Garden. Encompassing 130 acres northeast of the city centre, it is comprised of what once were three separate green spaces.

Be sure to not miss the water lilies or the rose garden, as both stand out in their beauty. With free entry, this park merits a visit of a couple hours, as it is an excellent venue for both sightseeing and a picnic lunch.

If you enjoy a nice glass of wine after a long day of work or travel, then you’ll love the vineyards in the Adelaide area. With over 200 wineries to choose from in the countryside, planning your own trip can be intimidating.

Fortunately, local tour providers offer expert-led excursions that will leave you and your travel party free to relax and enjoy the vino. In addition to visiting vineyards, some outfits expand their itinerary to include local cheese, chocolate, and strawberry producers as well. With lunch included in many tours, this experience is one which shouldn’t be missed by avid foodies.

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