Charleston Travel Guide: Things to Do in Charleston, South Carolina

Welcome to Charleston, South Carolina, a city steeped in history, charm, and Southern hospitality. Known for its cobblestone streets, antebellum architecture, and vibrant culture, Charleston is a destination that captures the hearts of visitors from around the world. Nestled on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, this coastal city offers a delightful blend of historic landmarks, mouthwatering cuisine, beautiful beaches, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

As you wander through the historic district, you’ll be transported back in time. Admire the meticulously preserved mansions along the Battery and explore the cobblestone streets of Rainbow Row, where pastel-colored houses line the way. Immerse yourself in the stories of the past as you visit iconic sites like Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired, or stroll through the charming gardens of Middleton Place, a living testament to Charleston’s plantation history.

Charleston is also a culinary haven, with a vibrant food scene that celebrates Lowcountry cuisine. Indulge in dishes like shrimp and grits, she-crab soup, and fried green tomatoes, all prepared with the finest local ingredients. From award-winning restaurants to hidden gems, Charleston is a paradise for food lovers.

Nature enthusiasts will find plenty to explore as well. Discover the beauty of nearby barrier islands such as Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island, where pristine beaches beckon for relaxation and water activities. Take a boat tour to observe the stunning wildlife of the Charleston Harbor, or venture to the nearby swamps and marshes for an unforgettable kayak or paddleboard excursion.

With its rich history, vibrant culture, and natural beauty, Charleston offers something for everyone. Whether you’re strolling along the historic streets, indulging in delicious cuisine, or enjoying the coastal scenery, Charleston will captivate you with its Southern charm and warm hospitality. Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of this enchanting city.

Charleston Travel Guide: Things to do in Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Charleston City Guide: A Brief History Of Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina, holds a rich and captivating history that is deeply intertwined with the story of the United States. As you explore this charming city, you’ll encounter a tapestry of historical events, architectural marvels, and cultural heritage. Here is a glimpse into the history of Charleston for travelers:

Charleston was founded in 1670 as Charles Town, named after King Charles II of England. It quickly became a bustling port city and a major center of trade in the southern colonies. The city’s strategic location at the confluence of rivers made it a crucial hub for commerce and navigation.

During the colonial era, Charleston thrived economically, relying heavily on the cultivation and export of rice, indigo, and later, cotton. The wealth generated from these crops contributed to the development of grand plantation estates and lavish townhouses, many of which still grace the streets of Charleston’s historic district.

Charleston played a significant role in the American Revolution. In 1776, the city was attacked by British forces but managed to successfully defend itself in the Battle of Sullivan’s Island. This victory became a symbol of American resilience and boosted morale during the war.

The institution of slavery had a profound impact on Charleston’s history. The city was a major port in the transatlantic slave trade, with enslaved Africans being brought to Charleston and sold at the Old Slave Mart on Chalmers Street. The Gadsden’s Wharf, now a memorial site, served as a disembarkation point for thousands of enslaved people.

In 1861, the first shots of the American Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter, a federal fort located in Charleston Harbor. The war had a devastating effect on the city, leading to its eventual surrender to Union forces in 1865. The post-war period brought significant changes to Charleston, as the city grappled with the challenges of Reconstruction.

Charleston’s architectural heritage is a testament to its history. The city boasts a remarkable collection of well-preserved antebellum homes, churches, and public buildings. The distinct Charleston single houses, with their grand piazzas and colorful facades, are iconic symbols of the city’s architectural style.

Today, Charleston embraces its past while embracing a vibrant future. The city’s historic district is a National Historic Landmark, drawing visitors from around the world. Travelers can immerse themselves in the city’s rich history through guided tours, visits to museums, and interactions with knowledgeable locals.

As you explore Charleston, take a moment to appreciate the layers of history that have shaped this remarkable city. From its colonial beginnings to the struggles of the Civil War and beyond, Charleston’s history is a testament to the resilience and spirit of its people.

Charleston Top Attractions and Best Places to Visit in Charleston

After the American Civil War ravaged the American South over the course of several years, many towns and cities were laid to waste by the intense warfare that raged between the forces of the Union and the Confederacy.

While this conflict exacted a horrible toll on human life and property, Charleston, a coastal city in South Carolina, managed to escape much of the damage suffered by its peers by a combination of luck and the wise ruminations of this settlement’s mayor.

His decision to concede to the Union towards the end of the Civil War preserved the outstanding architecture of its downtown, as well as the sprawling plantations that occupied sweeping plots of land just outside the city limits.

This makes this charming place a must-visit destination for any traveler dedicated to exploring the Deep South, as many of the points of interest that can be found here are often hard to find anywhere else.

The fact that Charleston survived the Civil War mostly intact is made all the more fascinating when you consider the role that Fort Sumter played during that conflict. Located on an island that lies within a thirty minute ferry ride of downtown, the first shots in one of the worst conflicts in American history were fired here by Confederate forces, as they successfully laid siege to this fortress, taking it in little over a day.

Reconstructed to reflect its might back in the days of that war, this historic site is one of the more important places to see to gain perspective on that time in history, as the exhibits here cover the events that eventually led to the attack on Fort Sumter that kicked off one of the worst wars in the history of America.

In and about the Charleston area, one can find many plantations that once grew the cash crops that made this area a very wealthy place for many centuries. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, one of the oldest properties of its type in the South, used to be a rice farm and contains exquisite gardens to this day, while the gardens at Middleton Plantation, which include an intact bayou swamp as part of the trails on its property, have some the oldest gardens in the region. Drayton Hall is the most authentic of the acreages, as survived the Revolutionary and Civil Wars without being razed, and its Georgian-Palladian architecture stands out as one of the finest examples of this style in the United States.

The plantation houses aren’t the only example of excellent architecture in the Charleston area, as the downtown core contains plenty of stunning specimens, many of which can be observed on a causal walking tour of the cities’ streets.

While you are strolling around here, ensure that you do not miss Nathaniel Russell House, which boasts a sturdy brick facade that has an out-of-sync New England feel to it, or Governor William Aiken House, a palatial residence built for the politician of the same name back in the 1820’s.

Other Cultural Attractions: Trip to Charleston, South Carolina

Another way to insert oneself into the daily life of this lively Southern city is to check out the City Market, where a variety of homemade goods are hawked and sold on a daily basis. Of all the products found here, be sure to check out the jewelry and sweetgrass baskets, both of which are of exceptional quality.

The waters off Charleston contain a wealth of aquatic life, but unless you’re an avid diver, your only chance to see it is to go to places like the South Carolina Aquarium. This institution contains a wide variety of local sea life, with the Great Ocean Tank containing more than 700 animals for your viewing enjoyment. Additionally, a touch tank allows you to get up close and personal with horseshoe crabs and stingrays, allowing you and your family to learn about the creatures of the sea.

If you’d rather be by the sea than see its inhabitants in an aquarium, spending the day out at Wild Dunes will allow you to do just that. Located on the Isle of Palms, a barrier island just off the coast near Charleston, this community contains opportunities for swimming, beach volleyball and for those that like to swing clubs at dimpled balls, a chance to play on a championship level golf course.

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Top 22 Things To Do in Charleston, South Carolina For Visitors

Here are the top 22 things to do in Charleston:

  1. Explore the Historic District: Wander through Charleston’s Historic District, filled with charming cobblestone streets, historic homes, and beautiful gardens. Take a guided walking tour to learn about the city’s fascinating history.
  2. Visit The Battery: Stroll along the iconic Battery promenade, lined with stately antebellum homes and overlooking Charleston Harbor. Enjoy panoramic views of the water and the iconic Ravenel Bridge.
  3. Tour Magnolia Plantation and Gardens: Experience the beauty of Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, one of the oldest plantations in the South. Explore its stunning gardens, take a nature tram tour, and learn about the plantation’s rich history.
  4. Take a Carriage Ride: Embark on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the historic streets of Charleston. Listen to entertaining and informative narratives from knowledgeable guides as you admire the city’s architecture and landmarks.
  5. Visit Fort Sumter National Monument: Take a boat tour to Fort Sumter, the site where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. Explore the fort’s museum, learn about its significance, and enjoy breathtaking views of Charleston Harbor.
  6. Explore the Charleston City Market: Browse through the bustling Charleston City Market, where you’ll find a wide array of local goods, including artwork, crafts, food, and souvenirs. Take your time to soak up the vibrant atmosphere.
  7. Discover Rainbow Row: Marvel at the pastel-colored houses on Rainbow Row, a collection of historic homes along East Bay Street. It’s one of Charleston’s most iconic and photographed locations.
  8. Visit Middleton Place: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Middleton Place, a National Historic Landmark featuring stunning gardens, an 18th-century plantation house, and a working stableyard. Take a guided tour and learn about the property’s rich history.
  9. Explore the Charleston Museum: Step into the Charleston Museum, the oldest museum in the United States. Discover exhibitions that showcase the city’s history, culture, and natural heritage.
  10. Relax at Waterfront Park: Enjoy a leisurely stroll through Waterfront Park, a picturesque waterfront promenade with stunning views of the Cooper River. Admire the famous Pineapple Fountain and relax in the shaded gardens.
  11. Tour the Nathaniel Russell House: Step back in time at the Nathaniel Russell House, an exquisite neoclassical mansion that showcases Charleston’s architectural elegance. Take a guided tour to explore its opulent interiors.
  12. Explore Boone Hall Plantation: Take a trip to Boone Hall Plantation, one of America’s oldest working plantations. Walk beneath the famous Avenue of Oaks, tour the plantation home, and learn about the Gullah culture.
  13. Visit the Aiken-Rhett House: Experience the preserved grandeur of the Aiken-Rhett House, an antebellum townhouse that offers a glimpse into the lives of Charleston’s elite families during the 19th century.
  14. Enjoy the Beaches: Take a short drive to nearby beaches, such as Folly Beach or Sullivan’s Island. Relax on the sandy shores, go for a swim, or simply soak up the sun.
  15. Explore the Charleston Tea Plantation: Visit the Charleston Tea Plantation, the only tea plantation in North America. Take a guided tour, learn about the tea-making process, and sample different varieties of tea.
  16. Discover the Gibbes Museum of Art: Appreciate the impressive collection of American artwork at the Gibbes Museum of Art. From traditional to contemporary pieces, the museum showcases the region’s artistic heritage.
  17. Go on a Ghost Tour: Charleston is known for its haunted history. Join a ghost tour and explore the city’s eerie side as you hear tales of ghosts, legends, and supernatural occurrences.
  1. Enjoy the Culinary Delights: Indulge in Charleston’s renowned culinary scene. Try classic Lowcountry dishes like shrimp and grits, she-crab soup, and fried green tomatoes at local restaurants and seafood joints. Don’t forget to sample the famous Charleston sweet tea and indulge in delicious Southern desserts.
  2. Take a Boat Tour: Explore Charleston’s waterways on a boat tour. From relaxing harbor cruises to thrilling dolphin-watching excursions, there are options for everyone to enjoy the scenic beauty of the coast and spot local wildlife.
  3. Visit the Old Slave Mart Museum: Gain insight into Charleston’s complex history at the Old Slave Mart Museum. Learn about the city’s role in the domestic slave trade and the stories of those who endured this dark period in American history.
  4. Discover the Charleston Music Scene: Immerse yourself in Charleston’s vibrant music scene. Catch live performances of jazz, blues, or gospel music at local venues and experience the city’s rich musical heritage.
  5. Attend a Festival or Event: Check the calendar for festivals and events happening during your visit. From the Spoleto Festival USA, a renowned performing arts festival, to the Charleston Wine + Food Festival, the city offers a diverse range of cultural celebrations throughout the year.

Charleston’s charm, history, and vibrant culture create an unforgettable experience for visitors. Whether you’re exploring its historic sites, savoring the local cuisine, or immersing yourself in the arts, Charleston invites you to embrace its Southern hospitality and create memories that will last a lifetime.

She-Crab Soup is a must try dish in Charleston, South Carolina, USA

What To Eat and Drink in Charleston, South Carolina

When it comes to dining in Charleston, prepare yourself for a delectable culinary adventure. The city’s vibrant food scene showcases a blend of traditional Southern flavors, Lowcountry cuisine, and innovative culinary creations. Here are some must-try dishes and drinks in Charleston:

  1. Shrimp and Grits: A beloved Southern classic, shrimp and grits is a dish that perfectly combines tender shrimp cooked in a flavorful sauce and served over creamy stone-ground grits. The dish is often enhanced with ingredients like bacon, mushrooms, and scallions.
  2. She-Crab Soup: Indulge in the rich and creamy she-crab soup, a Charleston specialty. Made with blue crab meat, crab roe, cream, and a hint of sherry, this soup is a true Southern delicacy.
  3. Fried Green Tomatoes: Experience the delightful crunch of fried green tomatoes, a Southern staple. Sliced green tomatoes are coated in cornmeal, fried to perfection, and served with tangy remoulade sauce.
  4. Lowcountry Boil: Delight in a Lowcountry boil, also known as a “Frogmore stew.” This one-pot dish features a hearty combination of shrimp, sausage, corn on the cob, and potatoes, all seasoned with Old Bay seasoning for a burst of flavor.
  5. Hoppin’ John: Taste a traditional dish with African and Southern roots. Hoppin’ John is a flavorful combination of black-eyed peas, rice, and bacon or ham hock, often enjoyed on New Year’s Day for good luck.
  6. Sweetgrass Basket: While not a dish, per se, the sweetgrass basket is a traditional craft and cultural symbol of Charleston. Handwoven from sweetgrass and palmetto leaves, these baskets are a unique and meaningful souvenir to bring back home.
  7. Charleston Tea: Sip on Charleston’s famous sweet tea, a refreshing and sweetened iced tea that’s perfect for warm Charleston days. Pair it with your meals for an authentic Southern dining experience.
  8. Benne Wafers: Treat yourself to a taste of history with benne wafers, thin and crispy sesame seed cookies that have been enjoyed in Charleston since colonial times. They make for a delightful snack or a sweet souvenir.
  9. Gullah Cuisine: Explore the flavors of Gullah cuisine, a unique culinary tradition developed by the Gullah people, who are descendants of enslaved West Africans. Look out for dishes like okra soup, red rice, and Hoppin’ John, prepared with distinctive Gullah flavors and techniques.
  10. Craft Cocktails: Charleston has a thriving craft cocktail scene, with numerous bars and mixologists offering creative libations. Try a Charleston-inspired cocktail like the Charleston Fizz or the Palmetto Punch, or simply enjoy a classic Southern-style mint julep.
  11. Southern Pecan Pie: Indulge your sweet tooth with a slice of Southern pecan pie. Made with a buttery crust and a rich filling of pecans, sugar, and molasses or corn syrup, this dessert is a Southern classic.
  12. Oysters: Charleston is renowned for its fresh and delicious oysters. Whether you prefer them raw, steamed, or grilled, don’t miss the opportunity to savor these succulent mollusks.

In Charleston, the culinary options are vast and diverse, offering a blend of Southern comfort food, regional specialties, and innovative twists. From historic dishes to contemporary creations, Charleston’s food scene is sure to leave you craving more.

Top Restaurants In Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is home to a vibrant and diverse culinary scene, with an abundance of exceptional restaurants that showcase the city’s rich flavors and creative culinary talents. Here are some top restaurants in Charleston known for their outstanding cuisine:

  1. Husk: Located in a historic downtown building, Husk is celebrated for its farm-to-table approach, focusing on Southern ingredients and traditional dishes with a modern twist. The menu changes regularly to highlight the freshest seasonal ingredients.
  2. FIG (Food Is Good): FIG is a renowned Charleston restaurant that emphasizes locally sourced ingredients and innovative flavors. The menu features a variety of dishes inspired by Mediterranean and Southern cuisines, expertly crafted by Chef Mike Lata.
  3. The Ordinary: Housed in a beautifully restored old bank, The Ordinary is a seafood-centric restaurant known for its oyster bar and fresh seafood offerings. From raw bar delicacies to delectable fish dishes, it’s a must-visit for seafood lovers.
  4. Magnolias: A beloved Charleston institution, Magnolias serves up sophisticated Southern cuisine in an elegant setting. Their menu showcases Lowcountry favorites like shrimp and grits, buttermilk fried chicken, and pecan-crusted catfish.
  5. FIG: Located in a historic downtown building, FIG (Food Is Good) is a celebrated Charleston restaurant known for its locally sourced ingredients and innovative flavors. The menu changes seasonally and features a mix of Mediterranean and Southern-inspired dishes.
  6. The Ordinary: Situated in an old bank building, The Ordinary specializes in seafood and boasts a raw bar with an impressive selection of oysters. Their menu includes a variety of delicious seafood dishes, from ceviche to whole roasted fish.
  7. 167 Raw: A small seafood market and raw bar, 167 Raw offers some of the freshest seafood in Charleston. Enjoy their famous lobster roll, fresh ceviche, and daily selection of oysters.
  8. Xiao Bao Biscuit: This unique eatery combines Asian flavors with Southern comfort food. Offering dishes like mapo tofu, okonomiyaki, and their famous Korean fried chicken sandwich, Xiao Bao Biscuit is a culinary delight.
  9. Leon’s Fine Poultry & Oyster Shop: Known for its fried chicken and fresh oysters, Leon’s offers a laid-back atmosphere and an extensive menu of seafood and poultry dishes. Enjoy their signature fried chicken, raw oysters, and refreshing cocktails.
  10. The Obstinate Daughter: Located on Sullivan’s Island, The Obstinate Daughter serves up delicious Italian-inspired coastal cuisine. Try their wood-fired pizzas, handmade pastas, and fresh seafood dishes while enjoying the relaxed island atmosphere.
  11. Rodney Scott’s Whole Hog BBQ: For a taste of mouthwatering barbecue, head to Rodney Scott’s Whole Hog BBQ. This award-winning spot offers slow-cooked whole hog barbecue, along with classic Southern sides like collard greens and mac and cheese.
  12. The Grocery: The Grocery is a neighborhood gem known for its seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. The menu features a creative blend of Southern and global flavors, with dishes like pork belly sliders, grilled octopus, and roasted chicken.

These are just a few of the many exceptional restaurants in Charleston. Whether you’re in the mood for upscale Southern cuisine, fresh seafood, or international flavors, Charleston’s culinary scene is sure to impress and satisfy even the most discerning food lovers.

Tours For Visitors To Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston offers a variety of tours that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the city’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty. Here are some popular tours to consider during your visit to Charleston:

  1. Historic Walking Tours: Explore Charleston’s historic district on a guided walking tour. Learn about the city’s fascinating history, admire the architecture of historic homes and churches, and discover hidden alleyways and gardens.
  2. Carriage Tours: Embark on a horse-drawn carriage tour through the streets of Charleston. Enjoy a narrated journey through the historic district, as knowledgeable guides share stories and insights about the city’s past.
  3. Harbor Tours: Take a boat tour of Charleston Harbor to see the city’s iconic waterfront from a different perspective. Enjoy panoramic views of the skyline, historic forts, and the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge while learning about the harbor’s significance in Charleston’s history.
  4. Plantation Tours: Explore the grand plantations that surround Charleston on a guided tour. Visit historic sites like Boone Hall Plantation, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, or Middleton Place to learn about the region’s plantation history and experience the beauty of the grounds.
  5. Ghost Tours: Charleston is known for its rich history and spooky tales. Join a ghost tour to uncover the city’s haunted past as you walk through historic streets and visit eerie locations.
  6. Culinary Tours: Indulge in Charleston’s renowned food scene on a culinary tour. Sample local delicacies, visit food markets and eateries, and learn about the city’s culinary traditions and flavors.
  7. Gullah Tours: Discover the unique Gullah culture and heritage of the African American community in Charleston on a Gullah tour. Learn about their history, traditions, and contributions to the city’s cultural fabric.
  8. Kayak or Paddleboard Tours: Explore the natural beauty of Charleston’s waterways on a kayak or paddleboard tour. Paddle through marshes, creeks, and rivers, and observe the area’s diverse wildlife and ecosystems.
  9. Civil War History Tours: Delve into Charleston’s role in the American Civil War on a guided tour focused on the city’s wartime history. Visit Fort Sumter, explore historic battlegrounds, and learn about the impact of the war on Charleston.
  10. Art and Architecture Tours: Charleston boasts a rich artistic and architectural heritage. Join a tour that focuses on the city’s art galleries, museums, and architectural gems to gain a deeper appreciation for Charleston’s creative side.

These are just a few examples of the many tours available in Charleston. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, food, or outdoor adventures, there is a tour to suit every interest and provide a memorable experience during your visit to this captivating city.

Charleston Accommodations Guide: Hotels, Guesthouses and Hostels

When it comes to accommodations, Charleston offers a range of options to suit every traveler’s needs and preferences. From luxurious hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts, here is a guide to finding the perfect place to stay in Charleston:

  1. Historic District: For a truly immersive experience, consider staying in the heart of Charleston’s Historic District. This area is dotted with charming boutique hotels, historic inns, and bed and breakfasts that offer a glimpse into the city’s rich history. You’ll be within walking distance of major attractions, restaurants, and shops.
  2. Waterfront: If you prefer a waterfront setting, consider accommodations along the Charleston Harbor or the Ashley and Cooper Rivers. These hotels offer stunning views of the water and easy access to waterfront activities. Some properties even feature private docks or piers.
  3. Beachfront: Charleston is surrounded by beautiful beaches, including Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, and Folly Beach. If you’re looking for a beach getaway, opt for accommodations in one of these beachfront communities. You can choose from beachside resorts, vacation rentals, or cozy beach cottages.
  4. Plantation District: Charleston’s outskirts are home to several historic plantations that offer accommodations. These properties provide a unique opportunity to stay on beautifully landscaped grounds with a glimpse into the city’s plantation history. Enjoy elegant rooms, expansive gardens, and a serene atmosphere.
  5. Upscale Hotels: Charleston boasts a variety of upscale hotels known for their luxurious amenities, impeccable service, and elegant ambiance. From historic landmarks to modern boutique hotels, these accommodations offer top-notch facilities, spas, and fine dining options.
  6. Budget-Friendly Options: If you’re traveling on a budget, don’t worry. Charleston has plenty of budget-friendly accommodations to choose from. Look for affordable hotels, motels, or guesthouses outside the city center. You can still enjoy comfortable and convenient lodging without breaking the bank.
  7. Vacation Rentals: Charleston has a wide selection of vacation rentals, including apartments, condos, and charming historic homes. This option is perfect for families or groups who desire extra space, a kitchen, and a more home-like environment. Vacation rentals are available throughout the city, from the historic district to the beach communities.
  8. Bed and Breakfasts: Charleston is known for its delightful bed and breakfast establishments. These cozy and charming accommodations offer personalized service, delicious breakfasts, and a unique, homely atmosphere. Many are housed in historic homes, providing an authentic Charleston experience.

When choosing accommodations in Charleston, consider factors such as location, amenities, and budget. It’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure your preferred choice. With the variety of options available, you’re sure to find the perfect place to stay and make the most of your Charleston experience.

Day Trips From Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston’s prime location offers easy access to a variety of captivating day trip destinations. Whether you’re seeking natural beauty, historical sites, or cultural experiences, here are some excellent day trips to consider from Charleston:

  1. Boone Hall Plantation: Located just outside of Charleston in Mount Pleasant, Boone Hall Plantation is one of America’s oldest working plantations. Explore its beautiful grounds, take a house tour, and learn about the plantation’s history and Gullah culture.
  2. Beaufort: Visit the charming coastal town of Beaufort, known for its picturesque antebellum architecture and rich history. Take a leisurely stroll through the historic district, visit the Santa Elena History Center, and enjoy the town’s quaint shops and waterfront views.
  3. Savannah, Georgia: Take a day trip to the enchanting city of Savannah, Georgia, located a short drive from Charleston. Walk along its iconic squares, visit historic landmarks like Forsyth Park and the Mercer Williams House, and savor the city’s Southern charm and hospitality.
  4. Kiawah Island: Escape to the pristine beaches of Kiawah Island, located about 25 miles south of Charleston. Enjoy a day of sunbathing, swimming, and exploring the island’s natural beauty. Kiawah Island is also home to world-class golf courses and scenic bike trails.
  5. Middleton Place: Venture to Middleton Place, a National Historic Landmark and former plantation located on the Ashley River. Explore the stunning gardens, visit the House Museum, and learn about the plantation’s role in Charleston’s history.
  6. Bulls Island: Embark on a nature-filled day trip to Bulls Island, part of the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. Take a ferry ride from Awendaw and enjoy the island’s unspoiled beaches, extensive trails, and the chance to spot wildlife such as dolphins, sea turtles, and birds.
  7. Charleston Tea Plantation: Discover the only working tea plantation in North America on Wadmalaw Island. Take a tour of the Charleston Tea Plantation, learn about the tea-making process, and enjoy scenic views of the tea fields.
  8. Congaree National Park: For nature enthusiasts, a visit to Congaree National Park is a must. Located a short drive from Charleston, this national park offers breathtaking old-growth forests, hiking trails, canoeing opportunities, and the chance to spot diverse plant and animal species.
  9. Fort Moultrie: Explore the history of Charleston’s coastal defenses at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island. This historic site dates back to the American Revolution and played a role in the Civil War. Take a self-guided tour and learn about the fort’s significance.
  10. Edisto Island: Enjoy a relaxing day on Edisto Island, known for its serene beaches and laid-back atmosphere. Take a scenic drive through the island, visit the Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve, and savor fresh seafood at local restaurants.

These day trips offer a chance to explore the diverse attractions and natural beauty surrounding Charleston. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, or nearby coastal towns, these destinations are sure to enhance your Charleston experience and provide unforgettable memories.

Charleston Transportation Guide

Charleston, South Carolina, is a popular tourist destination known for its rich history, beautiful architecture, and vibrant culture. When it comes to transportation, here’s a guide to help you navigate the city:

  1. Charleston International Airport: If you’re arriving by air, Charleston International Airport (CHS) is the primary airport serving the region. It is located approximately 12 miles northwest of downtown Charleston. From the airport, you have several transportation options to reach your destination:
    • Taxi: Taxis are readily available outside the airport terminal. It’s a convenient option if you have a lot of luggage or prefer door-to-door service.
    • Ride-Sharing Services: Uber and Lyft operate in Charleston, so you can use their apps to request a ride. The designated pick-up area is outside the baggage claim area.
    • Car Rental: Several car rental companies have counters at the airport, making it easy to rent a vehicle if you prefer to drive yourself around during your stay.
    • Shuttle Services: Some hotels in Charleston provide complimentary shuttle services for their guests. Check with your hotel to see if they offer this service.
  2. Public Transportation: Charleston offers public transportation options through the Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA). Here are the main options:
    • Buses: CARTA operates a network of buses that serve various areas within Charleston and its surrounding regions. You can find bus routes, schedules, and fares on the CARTA website (
    • DASH Trolley: The Downtown Area Shuttle (DASH) is a free trolley service that operates in downtown Charleston. It provides convenient transportation to popular attractions, shopping areas, and dining spots.
  3. Biking and Walking: Charleston is a pedestrian-friendly city, and exploring on foot or by bicycle can be an enjoyable way to get around. The city has dedicated bike lanes and sidewalks, making it safe and convenient for pedestrians and cyclists.
  4. Carriage Rides: One unique transportation option in Charleston is horse-drawn carriage rides. These tours offer a leisurely way to explore the city’s historic district while learning about its history from knowledgeable guides. Carriage rides can be found at designated pick-up points throughout downtown.
  5. Water Transportation: Given Charleston’s location on the coast and its proximity to the water, there are some water transportation options available:
    • Water Taxis: Charleston Water Taxi operates water taxis that connect various points along the Charleston Harbor, including stops near popular attractions like the USS Yorktown and Patriots Point.
    • Harbor Tours: Several companies offer harbor tours, allowing you to explore Charleston from the water. These tours often provide narrated commentary about the city’s history and landmarks.

Remember to check schedules, fares, and any COVID-19-related guidelines or restrictions before using public transportation or engaging in tourist activities. Enjoy your time in Charleston!

Where To Visit After Your Trip To Charleston?

After your trip to Charleston, there are several fantastic destinations nearby that you might consider visiting. Here are a few recommendations:

  1. Savannah, Georgia: Located just two hours south of Charleston, Savannah is known for its beautiful historic district, picturesque squares, and southern charm. Take a stroll along River Street, visit the stunning Forsyth Park, and explore the city’s vibrant art and culinary scene.
  2. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina: About a 90-minute drive from Charleston, Hilton Head Island is a popular resort destination known for its pristine beaches, world-class golf courses, and outdoor recreational activities. Enjoy water sports, relax on the beach, or explore the island’s nature preserves and bike trails.
  3. Beaufort, South Carolina: Located approximately an hour and a half south of Charleston, Beaufort is one of the oldest cities in South Carolina and offers a delightful blend of history, architecture, and natural beauty. Explore the historic district, take a guided tour, and soak in the charming atmosphere of this coastal town.
  4. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: If you’re looking for a vibrant beach destination, Myrtle Beach is about a two-hour drive northeast of Charleston. It offers a wide range of entertainment options, including beautiful beaches, amusement parks, golf courses, shopping centers, and live entertainment theaters.
  5. Asheville, North Carolina: If you’re willing to travel a bit farther, Asheville is a four-hour drive northwest of Charleston. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is renowned for its stunning natural scenery, thriving arts scene, craft breweries, and the iconic Biltmore Estate, a grand historic mansion and gardens.
  6. Charleston Tea Plantation: Located on Wadmalaw Island, just a short drive from Charleston, the Charleston Tea Plantation is the only working tea plantation in the United States. Take a tour of the plantation, learn about tea production, and enjoy a tasting of their delicious teas.
  7. Kiawah Island: Situated about 30 minutes southwest of Charleston, Kiawah Island is a luxurious coastal retreat known for its pristine beaches, world-class golf courses, and upscale resorts. Spend a day relaxing on the beach, playing golf, or exploring the island’s nature trails and wildlife.
  8. Congaree National Park: If you’re interested in outdoor adventures and nature, consider visiting Congaree National Park, located about two hours northwest of Charleston. It is home to one of the largest intact expanses of old-growth bottomland hardwood forest in the United States. Explore the park’s hiking trails, go kayaking or canoeing on the Congaree River, and take in the breathtaking beauty of the ancient trees.
  9. Jekyll Island, Georgia: Approximately three hours south of Charleston, Jekyll Island is a barrier island that offers a serene and unspoiled coastal experience. Visit the Jekyll Island Club National Historic Landmark, relax on the beaches, bike along the island’s trails, or go kayaking in the marshes.
  10. Boone Hall Plantation: Located just outside Charleston in Mount Pleasant, Boone Hall Plantation is one of America’s oldest working plantations. Take a tour of the beautiful grounds, explore the historic mansion, and learn about the plantation’s history and Gullah culture.
  11. St. Augustine, Florida: If you’re willing to venture a bit farther, St. Augustine is a charming city in northeastern Florida, approximately five hours south of Charleston. It is known for its Spanish colonial architecture, historic sites, and beautiful beaches. Explore Castillo de San Marcos, stroll along St. George Street, and immerse yourself in the city’s rich history.
  12. Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Located approximately six hours northwest of Charleston, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a stunning destination known for its breathtaking mountain views, diverse wildlife, and numerous hiking trails. Explore the scenic drives, go hiking, or simply enjoy the tranquility of this beautiful national park.
  13. Outer Banks, North Carolina: If you’re a fan of beautiful coastal landscapes and beach activities, consider visiting the Outer Banks, a string of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. Enjoy the pristine beaches, visit historic lighthouses, try water sports like surfing or kayaking, and explore the charming seaside towns.
  14. Columbia, South Carolina: South Carolina’s capital city, Columbia, is located about two hours northwest of Charleston. It offers a mix of history, culture, and outdoor attractions. Visit the South Carolina State House, explore the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, and take a stroll along the Congaree Riverwalk.
  15. Cumberland Island, Georgia: Cumberland Island is a remote and pristine barrier island located approximately four hours south of Charleston. Accessible only by ferry, the island is known for its unspoiled beaches, diverse wildlife, and historic sites. Take a guided tour, hike through the island’s trails, and keep an eye out for wild horses.
  16. Wilmington, North Carolina: Located about three hours northeast of Charleston, Wilmington is a charming coastal city with a rich history and vibrant downtown area. Visit the historic district, stroll along the Riverwalk, explore the USS North Carolina Battleship Memorial, and enjoy the city’s dining and entertainment scene.
  17. The Blue Ridge Parkway: For a scenic road trip, consider driving the Blue Ridge Parkway. This iconic roadway stretches for 469 miles through the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains, connecting Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park to North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Enjoy the breathtaking mountain vistas, stop at overlooks, and explore the charming towns along the way.
  18. Atlanta, Georgia: Atlanta is a vibrant and bustling city located approximately four hours northwest of Charleston. It offers a mix of history, culture, and entertainment. Visit the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, explore the Georgia Aquarium, tour the World of Coca-Cola, and enjoy the city’s thriving food and music scenes.
  19. St. Simons Island, Georgia: Situated about three hours south of Charleston, St. Simons Island is a charming coastal getaway known for its relaxed atmosphere and natural beauty. Explore the island’s picturesque beaches, visit the historic lighthouse, and take a bike ride along the scenic trails.
  20. Orlando, Florida: If you’re up for some theme park fun, consider a visit to Orlando, located approximately five hours south of Charleston. Explore Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, and other exciting attractions that make Orlando a top family destination.

These are just a few suggestions, and there are many more destinations to explore depending on your interests and travel preferences. Whether you’re looking for history, beach relaxation, outdoor adventures, or cultural experiences, the southeastern United States has plenty to offer beyond Charleston.

Charleston skyline in South Carolina, USA

Charleston Travel Guide: Final Thoughts

Charleston is a captivating city with its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. Here’s a summary of the key points to keep in mind for your visit:

  1. Getting there: Charleston International Airport is the main airport serving the region, offering various transportation options like taxis, ride-sharing services, and car rentals.
  2. Public transportation: CARTA operates buses and the free DASH trolley service in downtown Charleston, providing convenient ways to get around the city.
  3. Biking and walking: Charleston is pedestrian-friendly, and exploring on foot or by bicycle is a great way to experience the city’s charm.
  4. Unique transportation: Consider taking a horse-drawn carriage ride to explore the historic district from a different perspective or hop on a water taxi or harbor tour to enjoy Charleston’s coastal beauty.
  5. Nearby destinations: After your visit to Charleston, you can explore nearby places like Savannah, Hilton Head Island, Beaufort, Myrtle Beach, and Asheville for more historic sites, natural beauty, and recreational activities.

Remember to check schedules, fares, and any COVID-19-related guidelines or restrictions before using public transportation or visiting attractions. Embrace the southern hospitality, indulge in delicious cuisine, and immerse yourself in Charleston’s unique atmosphere.

Enjoy your time in Charleston, and may your journey be filled with wonderful memories!

In Charleston’s embrace, where history unfolds, A city of charm with stories untold. Travelers wander its cobblestone streets, Where tales of the past and present meet.

Majestic mansions stand tall and proud, With grand verandas and whispers allowed. Rainbow Row paints a vibrant display, Hues of pastel in the Southern sun’s ray.

Magnolia trees in bloom, a fragrant delight, As Spanish moss sways in the soft twilight. The Battery’s promenade by the water’s edge, Where serenity dwells, a tranquil pledge.

Stroll through gardens, their beauty profound, Fragrant blossoms and secrets they surround. Drift along the waterfront, the harbor’s embrace, Watching ships dance with a gentle grace.

Indulge in cuisine, a culinary sensation, From low-country boils to rich creations. Sample grits and shrimp, flavors divine, Southern hospitality in every bite you’ll find.

The rhythm of jazz fills the air, A soulful melody, an artist’s flair. From art galleries to theaters grand, Culture and creativity go hand in hand.

From Fort Sumter’s history to plantations so grand, Charleston’s tapestry is woven by hand. A city that whispers, its secrets unfold, Captivating travelers, young and old.

So venture to Charleston, let your spirit roam, Discover its treasures, make this city your own. In this Southern gem, your heart will be smitten, Charleston, a traveler’s love, forever written.

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