Dallas City Guide: Things to Do, See and Eat traveling in Dallas, Texas

Dallas Travel Guide

Introduction to Dallas

Being situated in the midst of Texas oil country, the wealth of Dallas will be obvious to anyone that visits here. From the glitziness of its skyscrapers downtown, to the overabundance of shopping centers everywhere throughout the city, the prosperity of this corner of America is almost an attraction in itself.

Its cultural assets have long benefited from bequests and donations from wealthy patrons of the arts over the years, and there are entertainment/edutainment venues that are certainly no slouch when compared with similar institutions in other parts of the country.

Not everything is bright and cheery when it comes to tourism here, as Dallas was also the site of one of America’s saddest days in its history, but overall, the two to three days that you’ll spend here will make you feel like one of the wealthy oilpersons that call this thriving metropolis home.

Cultural Experiences in Dallas

While there are many fabulous attractions to see within the Dallas/Fort Worth area, take a few hours to pay your respects to one of the greatest American presidents in modern history at the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.

On November 22nd, 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, where the museum telling the story of JFK’s presidency, the day of his assassination, and the effects of it on the nation the day afterwards is located.

After going through the exhibits here, walk through Dealey Plaza, which is where President Kennedy’s motorcade was when the fatal shots rang out from above. The infamous grassy knoll is also in the area, which is a geographic feature that has been the subject of countless conspiracy theories over the years.

Once you have learned about all the circumstances surrounding one of the most controversial events in American history, start your cultural exploration of this city at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Possessing more than 24,000 pieces of art from virtually every corner of the Earth and from over 6,000 years of human history, this gallery contains everything from the finest examples of American paintings to golden wreaths of the heyday of Ancient Greece, and Buddha idols from the heart of Southeast Asia. Many pieces are priceless and one of a kind, so check this place out if you only have time to see one cultural asset in Dallas.

If you do have a bit more time, then taking a stroll through the Nasher Sculpture Center will prove to be a thought provoking exercise. With scores of postmodern statues and sculptures located outside in its garden, and inside away from the elements, the shutter on your camera will be clicking away to the creations of Picasso among others.

Other Attractions in Dallas

Those that want to experience the best of the outdoor spaces in this metropolis will want to spend time at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, where some of finest flora in the Texan interior can be found.

Situated on White Rock Lake, Dallas’ most picturesque body of water, this garden contains numerous fountains, flower beds, and killer views of the Dallas skyline that no serious photographer could ever turn down.

In particular, be sure to search out the Red Maple Rill, a spectacular water feature, and the beds of azaleas, a gorgeous flower that is certainly the highlight of the perennials that can be found here.

Looking to learn about the composure of the South American rainforest as well as aquatic animals from around the globe? Then checking out the Dallas World Aquarium will be a worthwhile use of your time, as animals from the Orinoco Rainforest are visible here, including the only place you can see a three-toed sloth in the United States.

The aquarium tanks below the rainforest display contain sea life from places such as Sri Lanka, the Bahamas and British Columbia, allowing you to see aquatic animals from all over the world.

If you are in need of a shot of adrenaline after spending all that time schlepping through museums with your culture-loving partner, the Zero Gravity Thrill Park will do the trick. This amusement park contains rides that are of an extreme nature only, so those looking for a low-key ride on a Ferris Wheel will be disappointed.

Those that like to push their limits will be in heaven though, as bungee jumping, blast off rides, and freefall rides will thrill them and terrify their wimpier partners!

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